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Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:53 pm

Note: I am currently mid-progression on Azshara. I do not want to leave my current guild hanging during progression. I am interested in joining after my guild finishes progression, before the next tier starts.

1. Character name, Server

Edennilpriest - Mal'Ganis

2. Class, Race, and Spec (and Artifact Level)

Priest, Goblin, Discipline, 70

3. Link to an Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.)

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... dennilprst

4. What are your usual playing hours? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? Inform us of your daily work/school schedule, what time do you get home from work/school, and what time must you be in bed for the next day. Are you able to make our raid times in general? Is this availability going to change within the next few months, or with a change in Semester (if applicable)?

I work approx 9-5 MST. I'm a a software developer and so my hours are a slightly flexible.
I am online, in WoW, most weekdays around 5:30PM MST - 11:00PM MST.
Most weekends I'm on all the time. Some weekends I'll take trips and be gone Friday/Saturday night, but will always be back before raid time on Sunday.

5. Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience. Specify your experience with Heroic/Mythic in previous content as well as your experience in the current tier.

I'm a WoW BFA baby.

Service With A Smile - This was my first guild ever. I had now idea if I would really enjoy raiding. Turns out I love it. I did more research than anyone in the guild and made spreadsheets about the encounters. They made me healing officer there. Even though I was new to the game, I put in more time to prepare than anyone else. They are a Heroic Guild that does a few Mythic Bosses. I wanted to play more serious/hard core than that, so I ended up leaving them mid-tier in Uldir.

Anomaly - I joined after SWAS. I progressed with them to get Cutting Edge in my first raiding tier ever. I didn't have a leadership position here, but I became the unofficial WCL analyzer. Each week after prog I would review logs and post a spreadsheet summarizing/highlighting things we were struggling with and shared it with the guild. We would use that as our starting point for discussing changes we could make to our strategy to help going into the next week. Anomaly disbanded at the end of Uldir, most of the officers went to FFXIV.

MAD - When Anomaly disbanded, I joined MAD. I went 7/9 with MAD. I ended up having to leave after Mekkatorque due to some serious family concerns. A family member attempted to commit suicide. I was focused on that and just not in a mental state to be able to play any games at the time. Afterwards, I got a new job and MAD's raid times were too early to fit into my new schedule.

Pathogen - I am currently in Pathogen and have been progressing Eternal Palace with them. We are mid-prog on Azshara at the moment. I would like to finish the tier with them.

6. Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join us? Specifically, what interests you in our band of merry idiots?

I enjoy my current guild socially a lot. The main reasons I am considering switching guilds for next tier is that I want to try progressing on bosses faster and I want to find a place that prepares for and discusses encounters a little more. I feel that we feel less prepared from a healing standpoint than I would like and that my cohealers don't enjoy discussing and preparing as much as I would like.

I enjoy preparing for and studying an encounter and in studying my performance and logs to improve my individual performance as fast as possible. I want to be efficient with my time.
In previous guilds I've felt that very few people spend the time preparing and discussing how to approach an encounter. They throw themselves at the boss many times until they figure out something that works. Not enough time is spent on days off working on the mental/strategic element.

Spike Flail maintains fast progression while having a relatively short raid time. To me this indicates that the guild is efficient in their time. The players not only know how to play their class well, but also have researched fights ahead of time and know what they are going to do. They adapt and improve quickly during a fight to get the kill. These are things I'm looking for in a guild.

7. Give us some info on your class knowledge and self performance analysis in this section:

7a. What resources and practices do you use to keep up with your class and maximizing your DPS/HPS/Surivability?

Very active in both Warcraft Priests discord as well as Focussed Will discord. Between the 2 I keep on top of current theory crafting and class specific advice on fights.

I analyze my logs after every single raid. I take notes for myself on what I personally need to improve for the next raid day and come up with a specific plan for changes I will make. If there are strategic changes I think the guild can make to help us progress I will bring those up for discussion.

The first things I typically look at when viewing my log at the end of the night are:
- Deaths. I look at what was causing the first few deaths during each pull. I'll look at what I was doing during that time (my cast sequence, my positioning) and see what I could do differently to help prevent those deaths.
- Mechanics. I'll look at each of the major mechanics that I identify in a fight and see how often/when I was taking avoidable damage. I'll figure out what I need to change in my approach to avoid taking that damage again.
- Timings. I'll look at the major damage events and compare those to my atonement buffs. I'll overlay major/minor CDs on that view. This lets me see if my strategy was good (was I ramping at the best times to help the raid?), it lets me see if my timing was off (did I ramp too early/late?).
- I'll look at my cast sequence during my ramps/dps. I'll see if they were high quality ramps/dps phases (was I casting things in a suboptimal order? If so, why was I doing that?).

7b. What fights in the current tier do you swap Talents and Traits to something different than the norm (if at all)? What do you swap and why? Feel free to list on a boss per boss basis.

First 4 bosses I use Halo, the last 4 bosses I use Purge the Wicked.

Depending on the healing needs, I might equip DPS trinkets/essence/azerite to help us kill the boss quicker or to burst an add. I still do my healing ramps as I normally would, but they are just less healing and my dps is a little higher.
This is something I did on Za'qul Progression and am doing on Azshara.
Ashvane prog I did a mix of healing essence and DPS trinkets during prog.

My thought on that is to first ensure all the healing needs are met and then if it seems an added bit of DPS might help us make some sort of DPS check, I will alter my gear to give me more DPS.
But if I'm ever full-time DPS, then we should just drop the healer and bring an extra DPS.

7c. How do you analyze your performance on a new fight and figure out how/what you can improve on next week? Don't just say you use logs and compare to others of your class - what specifically are you looking for when you have a good/bad parse?

To give a little more detail on what I previously wrote:
- Deaths. Often at the end of the night if I filter to show only the first few deaths, there will be a couple mechanics or maybe times during the fight that people are most likely to die. I will look at what it is about that time in the fight that is causing people to die and then I will look at what I specifically am doing at that moment in the fight. The goal is to come up with some way for me to mentally identify when the dangerous situation is going to be coming up, me making not of what I should be looking for to identify someone is going to die, and then making a specific plan of what I can do to prevent that death. Often this might be something that all the healers might need to watch out for, so I might bring it up with the other healers and/or raid.

- Mechanics. I will look at the mechanics of the fight and filter logs to show the damage I took from that mechanic. I'll identify what I could change to avoid taking damage from that mechanic next time. I will look at my cast sequence and positioning during that time to see what was likely going through my head and what I was paying attention to at the time. If I notice someone else in the raid is doing well at that mechanic, I'll ask them what they are doing differently than me to help myself improve. (Maybe they have a better way of identify the mechanic or they are pre-positioning at a certain time.)

- Timings. I want to see timings of several things: major raid-wide damage events, major single-target damage events, any overlap in damage events or overlap in mechanics and damage events.
High damage events are the easiest, usually we just want to make sure they are covered by healing.
Times where damage events overlap or any time a damage event overlaps with a mechanic are the ones people typically will die. I will typically aim to make sure we have appropriate healing CD coverage at these times. (Are we using are Damage Reductions at the best times for this fight? Are we using our healing throughput CDs at the best times for this fight?)

I will look at my Atonements and Power Word: Radiance usage compared to the damage events to see if I am properly ramping and utilizing my PW:Radiance charges at the best times to help us survive.

The high single target damage events I will look at to see if I am properly triage healing and if we are using externals at good times. (An example of this from this tier is when someone comes back upstairs in Za'qul. They are stunned so need an immediate dispel and they have high hysteria stacks so need immediate triage healing.

- Cast Sequence - I'll look the exact time I started my ramp, I'll look at what spells I cast (and who I'm casting on, were they good targets?). I might find that I ramped early during a pull and then had a weird cast sequence as I tried to wait for the damage to hit. This is valuable for me to figure out why I started ramping early. Disc healing feels very rythmic (alternating ramp/burst periods). Looking at the cast sequence (and atonement counts) makes it easy to identify periods where something was wrong. I can then dig into it to understand why I had an awkward cast sequence.

8. Please include your character log report showcasing your performance on the relevant bosses of the tier. If your logs are private, please change your Warcraftlogs login and list the username/password here so we can access your logs. If you aren't comfortable listing it publicly, please PM it to Palin privately on these forums. Please remember to change your WCL login again a few days later after we've reviewed your application.


9. Of the above logs, please do a quick analysis of what fights you did well on, what went wrong on certain fights, etc. Use this chance to explain any context behind good/bad logs.

Looking at the prog kills in reverse:
1st Za'qul kill: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/n7 ... K#fight=29

Our guild decided to zerg P4 on our prog kill. We put everything into killing Za'qul before the 2nd Split. Because of this, there were only 5 dreads instead of the typical 6. There is very little healing to be done with this strategy. I feel we could have dropped a healer, but we didn't want to do that mid-prog and have somebody else learn the fight.

The first 2 Dreads are in p1 and can be 100% solo healed. The other 3 healers all were using cooldowns on those abilities, I decided not to waste the mana there, my job was to place the barrier.

Numbers 3 and 4 happen at the beginning and end of a period of increasing stacks of Hysteria. This was the only period of the fight that had any real amount of raid damage. The other disc was ramping to heal each Dread cast, I chose to do a big ramp between the dreads to make sure we were topped off from the Hysteria before the 1st Manic Dread. My healing during that ramp was good. It kept people alive and topped up enough to survive the Manic Dread hit. But because I took the mid-hysteria ramp instead of ramping every dread, my overall healing was low.
During this time I also was responsible to dispel one of the hunters coming up and I used Pain Suppression on our shadow priest that came up right before the Manic Dread. He always had high hysteria stacks when that Manic Dread hit.

In p4 the whole raid stayed downstairs and just zerged DPS. I came upstairs to dispel and keep the hunter alive that couldn't stay in the delirium realm the entire time. This meant I couldn't heal the raid, but we needed to keep that hunter alive for the single target damage.

The kill shows a very low healing output, I really only had 1 significant/impactful raid-wide healing ramp. But I did have the dispels on priority targets, I had the pain suppression on the right target at the right time. And since we were zerging p4, I maximized my p4 DPS. During p4, when the DPS mattered the most, I had 10k more DPS than any of the other healers.

Looking in depth at the main ramp I was responsible for during that fight:
This was my ramp - https://imgur.com/0Sv3QB2
The shadow mend between my 2 PW:Radiance looks like an error. That should have been inserted before the 1st Radiance instead of between them.

This was the dps/burst period of that ramp - https://imgur.com/TDKcV1d
Purge the Wicked should have been refreshed before casting Schism.
The Shadow Mend in the middle of Schism typically would be a really bad move as well. Looking more closely at the logs I can see that the purify during Schism and that Shadow Mend during Schism were on our Shadow Priest that had just came out of Delirium Realm. He is stunned and has 12 stacks of Hysteria. Ideally he would have stayed down 5 seconds longer so I could finish my Schism healing or ideally another healer would get that dispel and top him up quickly, but I took the healing throughput loss there to make sure we saved him. He likely dies if I don't dispel and quickly put atonement on him. From looking at the raid health at the time of those casts, they were already topped off or nearly topped off from the initial healing burst, allowing me the time to make the call to sacrifice healing throughput to save him.

This is an example of a fight with low healing output, but where I did what I thought was best to help us get the kill. (I think 3-healing would have been a better way to go about it, but since we had the DPS with 4-healers, it was an extra bit of safety).

1st Queen's Court Kill: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ZL ... t#fight=29

I won't go super in depth on this one. But first here is an image showing the major raid-wide damage events lined up against my atonements. https://imgur.com/UYnY8rq

Looking at that image Strategy of the healing looks ok. I had large ramps for the Spark Explosions. I had some sort of ramp/healing for the other sources of damage.
The mini ramp after the 2nd sparks and before the 2nd Form Ranks looks like it might have been early, but when looking at the raid health and debuffs I can see the raid was still low health from the final spark explosion and the no-heal debuff. So that was used to heal up that damage event once people were healable again.

I can see that my ramps on the last 2 sparks were lower impact. We took less damage, but still had the same number of cooldowns covering them as the first sparks. I could have made those ramps smaller in order to allow me to do a larger ramp during the 2nd deferred sentence. We had a cooldown there already, but I was able to have as much healing throughput during that period with a lower amount of atonements out than during my larger ramp during the last 2 sparks. This indicates I would have had more impact shifting my last 2 ramps to cover the deferred instead of the sparks.

10. Can your PC handle WoW at high effects (Lust, Scorp Room, etc.)?


11. Please include a SS of your raiding UI. IF A KEYBINDING IS NOT SHOWN ON YOUR FRAME, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND list any relevant keybinds not shown in the screenshot. If you're using something like a Razer Naga, please explain that. We are going to question if your keybind for a personal defensive is something like "9" - so help us understand why that is.

Make sure we can see everything that pops up in a raid, meaning take the SS in combat in LFR or something of the like so we can see your boss mods, timer positioning, WeakAuras, raid frames, etc.

UI - https://imgur.com/k2JaIpo
Hotkeys - https://imgur.com/m1zHpff

12. Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, gender, work/school, hobbies, etc. Add anything else you feel is pertinent.

28, Male. I am a software developer.
I've worked as a data analyst before and really enjoy that WoW gives me an outlet to do pseudo data analysis.
Outside WoW I'm also into StarCraft 2. I help admin and run the SC2 equivalent of a class discord (sc2swarm).

I enjoy rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and hiking on the weekends.

13. Out-of-game contact information - Discord tag, Battle.net ID, etc. Some way we can contact you besides these forums.

Discord = Edennil#5890
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Yogiz » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:29 pm

Thank you for your interest, someone will be along to review your app shortly
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Palin » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:18 am

Hi again Edenn, thanks for taking the time to write out a detailed application, we appreciate your time and effort.

I like that you recognized your Zaqul strat could effectively be 3 healed and switched to heavy DPS. Quick question I have about that, looking across your whole night do you feel you could have done anything different in regards to your own surviability and defensive play? Thanks so much.
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:38 pm

Looking at my casts: https://imgur.com/qC4ZSiq.
The only defensive casts during the 25 pulls was 4 casts of Fade (I had the sanctum azerite trait, so it gives me a shield).
I did not use Desperate Prayer, Health Pots, or Health Potions. That seems bad, so I'll look more in depth to see how big of a mistake that was.

Looking at deaths up until 3 deaths in a pull: https://imgur.com/thojg4w
I had 1 early death, that death was on wipe 11.
Wipe 11 was called a wipe because we missed the timer for p1->p2. You can see everyone committed suicide at the same time: https://imgur.com/p8Py1ur

So the positive is I didn't die early myself on any pulls.

Next I look at my health over the night to see if I was low and could have been more proactive at keeping myself alive with desperate prayer and/or pots: https://imgur.com/GTO60gi

I hit 50% health a few times, which seems fine. 50% health would be dangerous in situations where there was potential follow-up damage and I didn't have atonement on myself to heal back up. On Za'qul, that isn't the case. There isn't damage right after dreads. I think the best time for me to use Desperate Prayer or pots would have been if I was not full health or nearly full health when Dread/Manic Dread was about to be cast. That doesn't seem to be the case.
It also could be used if any of the dreads/manic dreads felt like they might be dangerous. We had damage reduction for every dread/manic dread. None of them particularly dangerous at all, so I did not use them during those times either.

If I remove the filter of ignoring events after 3 deaths, the low health points were times I was committing suicide when a wipe was called.
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Millz » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:10 am

Hi Edenn, appreciate you going into the logs and analyzing the situation you were in retroactively.

You mention using halo for the first 4 bosses. Can you elaborate on your reasoning for this?

I was also hoping you'd share your plan for tackling Azshara. What are some of the main points you've identified as dangerous for yourself or the raid throughout prog and into p4, and how do you plan on getting through them.
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:04 pm

The choice on that talent row is really Halo vs Purge the Wicked.
In any fight where you can multidot during times that you need to heal, Purge the Wicked is the clear winner.
In single target fights, Halo does slightly more healing if you can make use of the Schism buffed Halo atonement healing. It's super minor.
I default to Halo on single target fights during prog and PtW on multi-target fights.
(although now on farm I just run PtW all the time).

I'm guessing you are asking about that because a lot of the top logs on WCL show people using PtW. It's a super common question that comes up in the priest discord because of that. In the end, it comes down there is some debate still over which is better HPS on the first 4 bosses (ashvane/behemoth have minor multi-dot for some time), people are way more used to using PtW from previous tiers, PtW is easier to play, the last 4 bosses of the tier PtW is the clear winner so it's simpler to just always run PtW so you don't have to change talents in the middle, and the difference is ultra minor (it's never going to be the reason you did/didn't parse well on a single target fight).

Here's a few screenshots of some class experts talking about it: https://imgur.com/a/t17hDin
Edit: Here's Sups tweeting about this: https://twitter.com/Suplift/status/1193 ... gr%5Etweet

Current Azshara Prog:
I expect 2 console bursts at this point in the tier for p4. We have 2 discs on prog. I will be using my barrier on 1 and Evang + SF on the other. The other disc will be doing the same thing, just opposite console bursts.

In p3, a couple pain points we are having:
- Tank healing - Tanks will be swapping more frequently to keep arcane stacks lower. On the healer side we talked about positioning better to keep the tank in LoS and worked out a better rotation for our externals. We also ran into trouble during the dispels on the 2nd add if a healer was targeted with the arcane bomb. We currently have locks dispelling first 2, 1 of the priests dispelling the 3rd one. The targeted healer ran los, dispelled, then the healer dispelling the 3rd would run back LoS (she didn't want to use MD here for mana). This meant we had 2/3 healers LoS during a time that we were losing tanks. So we're shifting to have the targeted healer insert themselves into the dispel rotation so that only 1 healer has to go back.
- Beckons - beckons are just an always thing. Lots of running away and making sure we are aware of when they are coming out.
- Raid damage - we have died on the 2nd add due to raid damage a few times. The 2nd add has 2 shield breaks on it, plus we were missing kicks on chain lightning and static shock. We moved a DR to make sure we have one for the shield breaks on that add and adjusted healing to have some sort of ramp or cooldown during these times.

I'm currently running Cylo/Lure trinkets and Crucible Major. There have been enough health nerfs to the hulks, adds and everything else on the fight that our DPS honestly should be fine without the Disc Priest's adding in the burst DPS. If we continue to struggle as a guild with the mechanics we'll switch to healing trinkets/essence on the priests to help cover mistakes more.
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:31 am

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

1. Why you are recruiting a tank? Why did your previous tank leave?
2. Can you explain a little bit about how your healing team prepares for and plans healing on a boss? What does that process look like?
3. You 2 healed Azshara? Sweet. I haven't seen many 2-heal logs. (Not a question, more just a comment).
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Orrokk » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:44 am

Tank recruitment is based as to we have a tank trial right now and keeping our options open while his trial is going on right now, not that it has any indication as his performance so far.
We lost our main tank of over 6 years (or more?) From burn out and lost interest in the game. He's still around the guild with other games/BlizzCon and what not. Then for this tier we replaced him for a long tenure melee dps(and officer) but he had to switch schedule because of work. Which is one of the reason we got behind on azshara prog. ( I love you Khramps)

The reason why we 2 healed azshara was that our Hpally was out for a week and it was easier to have me and our disc priest just take care of healing by ourselves than having another healer prog the fight since it's a laughably easy fight to heal.

As for how our healing team prepares for a fight, it's mostly going through logs if available and the healing core talking with the raid leader about raid cooldowns. I started doing it more early/middle of the tier but lacked out with azshara so I still need to get better at it if we wanna keep pushing hard. But yeah it's mostly discussions in the healing core.

Hope that answer your questions!
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:52 pm

Yep thanks for the response!

For me how the healing team interacts and operates is important. I want to make sure it is a place I would enjoy.
I really enjoy studying out the damage patterns of a boss ahead of time and then having the discussions with healers to figure out how we want to approach it.
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Palin » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:26 am

Hi Eden,

We appreciate your responses and it looks like you have a solid grasp of your class and perform well. Since you're waiting on your guild for now we're going to re-evaluate and make a decision on your app once you're potentially ready to Trial. That could be a few weeks and our situation can change in that time so we don't want to commit to anything at this time until you're ready. Please reach back out and let us know when you've finished Azshara and are ready to potentially move on. Thanks and best of luck with her!
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Re: Edennilprst - Priest

Post by Edennil » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:23 am

Sounds good. I'll keep you update on our progress and we'll see where things are at when we finish the tier.
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