Golfire - Havoc DH

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Golfire - Havoc DH

Post by Golfire » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:14 pm

1. Character name, Server

Golfire, Stormrage

2. Class, Race, and Spec (and Artifact Level)

Demon Hunter, Night Elf, Havoc (65)

3. Link to an Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.) ... ge/golfire

My vile tusk is 430 with no upgrades so still debating if I should use it for ST or not. some TC says that the stats and the up time on the 245 folly should make for it.

4. What are your usual playing hours? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? Inform us of your daily work/school schedule, what time do you get home from work/school, and what time must you be in bed for the next day. Are you able to make our raid times in general? Is this availability going to change within the next few months, or with a change in Semester (if applicable)?

I work from 9-5 and get home about 7:30 EST. My schedule is not likely to change.

5. Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience. Specify your experience with Heroic/Mythic in previous content as well as your experience in the current tier.
Finished Ulduar in WOTLK as US 84 after that the guild starting dying we finished LK H about us 200ish and disbanded after switching to 10 man in cata. done some mythic bosses here and there between expansions but never took it seriously again until BFA. Uldir was not a great experience for me, the GM of the guild was always bias to her friends and got tired and left after an argument when she asked all the dps to take out TC for bounding souls because the healing couldn't keep up. I joined Storm in stormrage where we killed Jaina US 108.

6. Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join us? Specifically, what interests you in our band of merry idiots?

The environment of the guild has become extremely toxic. I want to join because I am looking for the "professional, driven, and respectful atmosphere". I am not someone who gets offended quite easy but I get tired of people attacking each other mid pull.

7. Give us some info on your class knowledge and self performance analysis in this section:

7a. What resources and practices do you use to keep up with your class and maximizing your DPS/HPS/Surivability?
Mostly I look at logs. Try to grab information from here and there (discord, guides, etc) but I feel that logs are more reliable since they show real data.

7b. What fights in the current tier do you swap Talents and Traits to something different than the norm (if at all)? What do you swap and why? Feel free to list on a boss per boss basis.
Orgozoa and Zaq for focusing iris. If there is no assignment to soak on Orgozoa or the need of an immunity I would normally run Soul Rending. I ran netherwalk on Jaina because it made it so much better for me on avalanche.

7c. How do you analyze your performance on a new fight and figure out how/what you can improve on next week? Don't just say you use logs and compare to others of your class - what specifically are you looking for when you have a good/bad parse?

Normally I would go trough the log and see how the damage is composed compared between me and someone who got a better parse. What resources are they using and when. I would for how much their abilities hit on average and how does that compare to me. I would check if the duration of the fight is a factor or not. Sometimes you have to realize that even doing the same that top parsers are doing could not be the best for the setup or our composition.

8. Please include your character log report showcasing your performance on the relevant bosses of the tier. If your logs are private, please change your Warcraftlogs login and list the username/password here so we can access your logs. If you aren't comfortable listing it publicly, please PM it to Palin privately on these forums. Please remember to change your WCL login again a few days later after we've reviewed your application.

9. Of the above logs, please do a quick analysis of what fights you did well on, what went wrong on certain fights, etc. Use this chance to explain any context behind good/bad logs.

The first 3 fights are really straightforward. I think Shivara was for me the worst of the three to improve since being a DH I tried to fellrush over the spikes beside just looking for the gap when learning the fight. In Orgozoa while checking logs could notice that some DHs where using the shortcut by looking at the replay on the logs. I was under the impression that it was fixed after the PTR but it is still doable. Other of the things I forget on this fight is to time the Razor Coral with the inkpod but I was able to do it fine in our last kill and that helped me a lot. In ashvane we did on 2p this week so that helped a lot with the kill time.

10. Can your PC handle WoW at high effects (Lust, Scorp Room, etc.)?

Yes I don't have problems running any wow content.

11. Please include a SS of your raiding UI. IF A KEYBINDING IS NOT SHOWN ON YOUR FRAME, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND list any relevant keybinds not shown in the screenshot. If you're using something like a Razer Naga, please explain that. We are going to question if your keybind for a personal defensive is something like "9" - so help us understand why that is.
Make sure we can see everything that pops up in a raid, meaning take the SS in combat in LFR or something of the like so we can see your boss mods, timer positioning, WeakAuras, raid frames, etc.
Razer Nostromo + Logitech G600. Alt, Ctrl and shift are binded on the left panel of the mouse. F4 is excluded so i don't ALT+F4.

12. Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, gender, work/school, hobbies, etc. Add anything else you feel is pertinent.

I am 34 yrs, Male, I am a software developer and do videogames as my main hobby. Not a native English speaker but I don't have any trouble with it.

13. Out-of-game contact information - Discord tag, ID, etc. Some way we can contact you besides these forums.

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Re: Golfire - Havoc DH

Post by Foojeezy » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:53 pm

Hi Golfire, thanks for your interest with us and taking the time to apply! We will be reviewing your app internally.

We'll get back to you with any questions we may have, thanks!
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Re: Golfire - Havoc DH

Post by Palin » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:40 pm

Hi Gol, thanks for your interest and patience as we deliberate. After some review we are going to unfortunately pass on your application at this time. We put a lot of value on our players using their full defensive toolkits and we see some gaps in your proactive blur usage that we prefer to see in our Havocs. Best of luck with the rest of this tier and you search for a new home.

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