Wispers-Bleeding-Hollow DPS DK

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Wispers-Bleeding-Hollow DPS DK

Post by Whisperz » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:19 am

1. Character name, Server


2. Class, Race, and Spec (and Artifact Level)

DPS DK mainspec, Tank OS, bloodelf, 50 neck

3. Link to an Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.)

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... ow/wispers
Mostly playing Unholy for BoD, have also tanked all bosses except Jaina. I’ve been frost for Cabal prog since unholy is garbage for that fight. I Will play whatever spec is best for the encounter/tier.

4. What are your usual playing hours? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? Inform us of your daily work/school schedule, what time do you get home from work/school, and what time must you be in bed for the next day. Are you able to make our raid times in general? Is this availability going to change within the next few months, or with a change in Semester (if applicable)?

I work nights, so I cannot stay any later than 11:20 EST. I’m usually on early mornings and evenings. No plan for my schedule to change any time soon.

5. Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience. Specify your experience with Heroic/Mythic in previous content as well as your experience in the current tier.

I started taking the game more seriously near the end of mop, clearing heroic soo before prepatch. Cleared brf while it was current with a fairly casual guild, then decided to leave to pursue more competitive raiding.
I joined Availed-Anvilmar at the end of brf.
US25 HFC - dps for all prog kills, during farm took over as tank
US69 EN - tanked for most of prog
US125 ToV
During emerald nightmare I became an officer handling mostly melee, addons recruitment and loot council. I mostly contributed during raid planning when we did beta, and helped write strat pages for each boss. I also made weakauras during the beta tests for each encounter to share with the guild.
Attendance problems, legion grind burnout and irl issues hit hard and the guild disbanded halfway through NH prog (mid auger progression). I joined Instant Dollars-Mal'Ganis a week later to continue progression.
US30 NH - I joined during Elisande prog, was in for both kills
US20 ToS - present for all prog kills except fallen avatar (was in for about 90 wipes then swapped for more ranged in last phase). Also played fury warr for splits once prog was done.
US14 ABT - dps for the majority, tanked the 3 tank fights for prog. Also played warlock and warrior for splits, including some prot.
I got a new job shortly before BFA launched, which conflicted with Instant Dollars' raid schedule. Unfortunately I had to leave to find a guild that would meet my new schedule. I joined Resonate-Bleeding-Hollow when BFA came out.
US123 Uldir - The guild roster was 30+ members, with over 10 trials. getting a raid spot was tough. I sat for Fetid and Ghuun prog. I also tanked Mythrax and Zul for prog kills. During Uldir the guild changed raid leader once, and guild master twice. Yikes.
US123 BoD - dps for all prog kills except mekkatorque. I did a bit of tanking on stormwall prog, as the other tank was away for a week. I've tanked everything except Jaina on farm.
Shortly after Jaina died I was promo'd to officer. Mostly helped with recruitment, log review, and comps.

6. Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join us? Specifically, what interests you in our band of merry idiots?

After struggling for the entire expansion to hold a steady roster, most of the core raiders and officers are leaving. The guild has been on a downhill battle for a long time and doesn't seem to have any chance at recovering any time soon. At this point I'm fairly sure the guild will die in the next few weeks. I want a stable guild to play with for 8.2.

7. Give us some info on your class knowledge and self performance analysis in this section:
o 7a. What resources and practices do you use to keep up with your class and maximizing your DPS/HPS/Surivability?

My most used resource is logs, I look at other guild's logs for class/spec things like stat prio, trinkets, traist, rotation, cd usage ect. as well as stratsa and comps. It's a great tool for pretty much anything. Other than that theres class discord (which I rarely use for dk, but for alts its a good starting point), streams, mmoc/wowhead for ptr notes/news.

o 7b. What fights in the current tier do you swap Talents and Traits to something different than the norm (if at all)? What do you swap and why? Feel free to list on a boss per boss basis.

Cabal: Frost for the big dick 2target cleave. Gear for high mastery and 3x frozen tempest traits. runic barrier tier3 trait is manditory, diamond laced refracting prism is also amazing.
Champs: standard unholy single target talents.
Grong: Unholy for more single target, standard talents/gear. (Frost can be nuts if you hold boss over the adds for a bit then monk taunt it away when they are close to dying, but never tried)
Jadefire: Frost will do more damage, have played both specs many times. If unholy swap for epidemic. For blood its not very dangerous for tanks, so I choose to gear offencively with azerite/trinkets.
Opulence: Unholy bursting sores spec for the mad poose deeps in last phase. gear for mastery and drop mage traits for stat increases.
Conclave: standard unholy.
rasta: Standard unholy, have also played frost but thats mostly for more add damage.
mekka: Usually play blood for the shorter cd on grips, have also played unholy since we had 2 dks for a short while. standard unholy and blood setups.
stormwall: standard unholy with grip of the dead talent to slow adds more.
Jaina: standard unholy, spelleater is nice.

o 7c. How do you analyze your performance on a new fight and figure out how/what you can improve on next week? Don't just say you use logs and compare to others of your class - what specifically are you looking for when you have a good/bad parse?

I'd say Im pretty hard on myself in terms of performance, I want to be the best that I can be. When I fuck up I do anything I can to not make the same mistake twice. Making wekauras or changing bigwigs settings can help with this in addition to focusing and changing priorities. Comparing my logs to other people's logs can be helpful for cd usage or talent setup, but most of the time for progression the best thing you can do is watch back a vod or go through logs and find ANYTHING that could be improved. For example I recall on Jaina prog when I watched a stream vod of myself I often was not ready for avalanche. a lot of the time if it would target me i'd stand around for a second and find a safe path to move to. Now I watch the avalanche timer and am always ready when its about to be cast.

8. Please include your character log report showcasing your performance on the relevant bosses of the tier. If your logs are private, please change your Warcraftlogs login and list the username/password here so we can access your logs. If you aren't comfortable listing it publicly, please PM it to Palin privately on these forums. Please remember to change your WCL login again a few days later after we've reviewed your application.

old hfc logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/rankings/8131/8
Unfortunately Instant dollars private logs, and I no longer have access to them. I did have some logs where I initiated the logs, so I can probably scrape some up if you are interested in looking at Legion. (let me know!) I also have screen shots of log highlights but thats more for my own e-peen ;). Here is one split raid I swapped to public (I'm on my alt Rangedook) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9qAJz6QhVvHRjLTY
Here's resonate's log page: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/b ... w/resonate
my character's log page: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... 47#zone=21

9. Of the above logs, please do a quick analysis of what fights you did well on, what went wrong on certain fights, etc. Use this chance to explain any context behind good/bad logs.

My first kill of rasta was pretty bad, I didn't die but did poor damage. Part of that was because we had quite a few deaths near the end and had a room full of swirls making it hard to stay in melee. Part of that is also poor cd usage, I should have held apoc for the 2nd set of adds and army for lust. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/63 ... &by=target
My uldir logs aren't great, I never went for the on-use pvp trinket, which was insane for frost that tier. The spec was all about that 2-min burst window. I recall using 2 proc trinkets or the underrot on-use trinket. Specifically, I never had a good fetid pull since that relied heavily on boss+add positioning for breath cleave, as well as which add you are assigned to.
I'd say the vast majority of BoD I played well, I had a surivive mentality for most of it, like using death strike a lot for jaina (rank1 dpsDK healing parse on our first kill lul), and also rastakhan like pre-speading for fire and almost afking in last phase to avoid taking orb damage. So much of this raid does not require good damage, if everyone focuses on mechanics and surviving it makes the raid much smoother.

10. Can your PC handle WoW at high effects (Lust, Scorp Room, etc.)?

Yes, slightly outdated but I use a 980, i74700k, and wow on an ssd.

11. Please include a SS of your raiding UI. IF A KEYBINDING IS NOT SHOWN ON YOUR FRAME, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND list any relevant keybinds not shown in the screenshot. If you're using something like a Razer Naga, please explain that. We are going to question if your keybind for a personal defensive is something like "9" - so help us understand why that is.

I use corsair scimitar ( its like the naga) so 1-12, shift 1-12 and ctrl 1-12 for the majority. Keyboard keybinds are hidden, like r t g c and F keys. Generally any ability that isn't on GCD I want to have on the keyboard so you can press that in addition to another ability at the same time. I don't know how much detail you want here, but I bind extra action button to f1, pof to f2, target markers on f5-8. soul reaper and unholy frenzy are on r and shift r, arcane torrent shift c. No encounter-specific weakauras shown in that ss but I generally have the raid weakauras to the left of my character frame, or if its a castbar then over the character.

12. Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, gender, work/school, hobbies, etc. Add anything else you feel is pertinent.

I currently identify as a 23y/o male, I work in a warehouse as a forkift operator, went to school for IT computer systems, video games are my main hobby but I also mountian bike and like following computer tech. I'm a pretty quiet person, especially around people I don't know. I don't get mad and like to have fun.

13. Out-of-game contact information - Discord tag, Battle.net ID, etc. Some way we can contact you besides these forums.

Discord: Whisperz#3652
Btag: Matt#12903
Thanks for reading this over, I look forward to hearing from you and I'm excited for the chance to return to Mal'ganis.
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Re: Wispers-Bleeding-Hollow DPS DK

Post by Palin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:31 am

Hi Whispers, sorry for the delay getting back to you. We've reviewed and think you're a strong player but don't feel we have a spot on our roster right now to offer. We picked up some talented melee in the past few weeks and are going to finish out those Trials before adding another. If something opens up in the coming weeks we'll be sure to reach out to you and see if you're still searching for a home. If not perhaps our paths will cross again down the line.

Best of luck in your search and take care!

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