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Application Havoc Demon Hunter

Postby Ryon » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:06 am

1. Zelfrex Zul'jin (Switching mains from Ryoza Stormrage)
2. Belf Havoc Demon hunter.

3. ... in/Zelfrex

4. Right now my schedule is pretty open, I can easily make your raid times.

5. I got cutting edge during HoV, NH, 7/8M in ToS, and CE in Uldir. I mained enhancement shaman for all of Legion, mostly with the guild pep on Kel'thuzad. I ended ABT rank ~43 or 46 for world enhancement shamans pre empowered artifacts. This expansion I started raiding with a friends more casual guild on Zul'jin "Deadbeat Dads" but then the guild fell apart and I had a buddy offer to pay for me to go raid with his guild on Proudmoore which then fell apart after Blizzcon when 5 people left, and then I went to Dinner Time on Proudmoore but they weren't good and I didn't enjoy raiding with them.

6. I wanted to switch mains to Havoc Demon Hunter, I was playing Enhancement Shaman in the guild I was in and they didn't want me to swap mains so I left. Your guild ranks well, has raid times that work with my schedule, and seems like a guild that's in it for the long haul, I'm tired of joining guilds that fall apart within three weeks.

7. For Havoc Demon Hunter the spec is mostly using eye beam on cooldown, making sure you get two blade dances in each demonic window, and using immolation aura on CD. On Mother, and Zek'voz I would consider swapping to Fel Barrage for more burst aoe, however with most guild's gear level I doubt the adds on Zek live long enough for Fel Barrage to be worth taking anymore. Havoc is very simple, the skill cap on the class is mostly just having good uptime and being GCD capped. I have a history of parsing well, I was rank 43 or 46 for all Enhancement Shamans during ABT Normal Artifacts, I go out of my way to make sure I'm playing optimally and doing everything I can to maximize damage without hindering the raid.

8. So I really haven't been raiding on my DH, the logs that I have are from a heroic run that I was mostly tanking and a mythic Taloc pug that I dcd on but I do have my shamans logs ... artition=1 which would be much better if I was actively raiding this tier. and here's what I have on my DH ... fficulty=4

9. So I guess I'll talk about my shamans logs because my DH doesn't really have anything. For the first four bosses in the raid I have high ranking logs and there's really nothing more I could do outside of having strats designed around padding. For Fetid I only have an 88 due to not having a spot where i could get back to the boss easily from Shockwave, enhancement has one charge in Feral Lunge but its a 30 second CD so it isn't up for every shockwave. My Zul parse is bad because I don't damage crawgs, if you look at my recent Zul log I don't think I cast Sundering, enhancements large aoe ability at all. Enhancement has a similar damage profile to sub where we crash lightning which increases our ST damage by about 13% for 10 seconds and it gives us a stacking buff that increaes the damage of our next Stormstrike by 5% per mob hit. My Mythrax parse is awful because I did my only Mythrax kill back when melee could get orbs and we were running 5 melee. I was instructed to basically stand inside of his boss model and told specifically not to switch to the adds so orbs wouldn't clutter the outside of the melee ring. As you can see from my Vectis damage Enhancement shaman has a niche in sustained two target cleave and not being able to activate crash lighting on the add and cleave off of the boss dramatically cut my damage. My G'huun parse I think is relatively standard, damage doesn't matter for almost all of that encounter I think I'm good at dodging the p3 Pepperonis.

10. My PC can easily handle wow. I built a new desktop at the start of Legion because the toaster I was using couldn't handle EN and ever since I haven't had any frame drops in WoW even with big Skorp pulls and giant Zul trash room pulls.


12. I'm 19, my name is James I'm in an IT program right now that won't interfere with my raiding schedule at all. I've been playing wow since mid BC, I spend a lot more time than I should playing this game.

13. My btag is Zelfrax#1648, and my Discord is Zelfrax#0488
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Re: Application Havoc Demon Hunter

Postby Palin » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:15 am

Hey Zelf, thanks so much for your interest with us and taking the time to apply. Sorry it took some time for us to get back to you over the holidays.

Right now we picked up a Havoc Trial that we're going to let play out and see where it goes. If we end up deciding to go a different direction we'll reach out to you and potentially see if you're still interested. I think you've been raiding with <Nothing Personal> the past few weeks and maybe Trialed with them anyways, correct me if I'm wrong?

Sorry again for the delay and best of luck going forth. We'll be in touch if something changes! Take care.

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