Tarencoat - Holy Paladin

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Tarencoat - Holy Paladin

Postby Tarencoat » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:08 pm

1. Tarencoat - Lightbringer

2. Blood Elf Holy Paladin. Neck level is 26

3. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... /Tarencoat - I transferred to Area 52 a couple days ago but I am talking to a GM about reverting the transfer so I can save money and not have to pay for another server transfer. If the GM does revert the transfer, I should be back on Lightbringer.

4. I am a college student, so my free time is usually whenever im not at class. My semester is ending soon and next semester I should be getting home at around 4pm so I'll usually start playing around then and I go to bed around 3am. I am able to make all the raid times.

5. I started mythic raiding during Emerald Nightmare with Abyss Walker on Lightbringer ( 7/7m EN, 2/3m ToV) and joined STK midway through Nighthold where we cleared 10/10m NH, 8/9m ToS, 11/11m Antorus and 7/8m Uldir. I've been mythic raiding with STK until last week when the guild died.

6. I left my last guild because our raid leader/gm couldn't keep up with life and all the things he had to do on WoW so he stepped down, and no one was capable of filling his shoes so the guild died. I am interested in this guild because guild atmosphere is the most important thing for me when looking at a new guild. I have been watching some of Palin's streams and the guild seems like a good match.

7. I first learned how to play my Holy Paladin by reading guides online and looking at streamers I thought were good. As I got better, I started looking through the logs of other Paladins I thought were better than me and tried to mimic what they did. I also read through the Paladin discord to try and find any useful information there. To become a better healer and player, I look through my own logs to see if I took any avoidable damage, look at my positioning to see if I could be standing more efficiently to better make use of my mastery, and find how my healing was for specific debuffs to see if I needed to heal them more. A thing that I do that most other healers don't is I'll sometimes I do what I feel is right and not what the guides tell you to do. For example back in Legion the general consensus for Paladins was to use your Infusion of Light proc always on Flash of Light, but my flashes often overhealed or got sniped resulting in wasted healing so I started using it on Holy Light more often for a small, quick heal to save on mana. I do things like that pretty often and sometimes it might not even be right but I want to think about things in my own way and not always take someone else's advise as fact. I also use the website WowAnalyzer to see if im doing the Paladin basics correctly. I swap talents in Uldir often and whenever I feel like i'll get any type of benefit from swapping. For example, I'll swap out Beacon of Faith for Divine Purpose on MOTHER because in the strat I used in my last guild there was no need for a beacon on the second tank so I got more use out of DP. On most fights I'll start with Devotion Aura, because it reduces more damage than Mercy heals, and I'll switch to Mercy when we start farming the boss. On some fights like Zek'voz and Mythrax I'll start off with Mercy because either I couldn't find a great spot to Devo or I think the healing from Mercy can be as useful as the damage reduction of Devo.

8. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/QD ... pe=healing

9. This was our first Mythrax kill and our last progression boss kill in STK. For every pull, I try to do the hpal basics as best as I can, which means using Holy Shock and Light of Dawn on cooldown, keeping Judgment of Light up, using Bestow Faith on targets I dont think it'll overheal on, not saving cooldowns for too long and using them where they'll get the best healing possible, trying to stay in the best position possible to maximize my mastery, trying to efficiently use all of my mana during the fight, using Rule of Law when I need to increase my healing at range, all of which I think I did pretty well for this fight. Things I could have done better are taking less avoidable damage, I got hit by Obliteration Blast. Towards the end of the fight it got pretty hectic and I let a few people tick down and die, I should have done a better job to get some direct heals on them.

10. Yes, I think my PC can run WoW well. In my PC I have a GTX 1070, intel i7 7770k and 16 gbs of ram and I usually don't have internet issues.

11. https://imgur.com/a/0a9Gk7k

12. Name is Vinny, age 22, and I'm a criminology student at West Virginia University. Outside of WoW I spend most of my free time either playing other video games or out with friends. I usually have a good amount of time to play WoW because right now my other only obligation is school.

13. Bnet - Tarencoat 1808 and Discord is Taren 4445
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Re: Tarencoat - Holy Paladin

Postby Palin » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:18 pm

Hi Vinny, thanks so much for your interest with us and taking the time to apply, we really appreciate the time and effort.

I'm curious how you math out the Mercy vs Devo thing. Some fights its understandable but the AM Mercy is so underwhelming. Zekvoz for example, why did you choose to Mercy on a fight without constant damage vs being able to Devo a surge set? What math do you use to justify that, etc?

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Re: Tarencoat - Holy Paladin

Postby Tarencoat » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:32 pm

For the Mercy vs Devo you are right, Mercy is underwhelming and I usually would use it during a Surge. Basically, I take it when I think I can get away with it to parse. I enjoy trying to parse high, it's a challenge for me and I feel rewarded when I do well. It's probably my worst trait as a healer and something that I need to fix. On Zek'voz, I took Mercy because I felt the damage wasn't bad enough to kill anyone and like I said I thought I could get away with using it over Devo.

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