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Kelarrastus Blood DK

Postby ascendant7 » Fri May 25, 2018 11:41 pm

1. Kelarrastus, BleedingHollow

2. Death Knight, Blood Elf, Blood main spec. 81 blood, 78 frost, 75 unholy

The item set I’m logged out in is my pure single target dps build. It is a very crit heavy build, since crit sims as the highest offensive stat behind haste. I have about 13 different item sets that I use (I use about 8 of them just for specific mythic + situations). As far as raiding goes, I have a pure ST damage set, a ST survivability set, an AOE damage set, an AOE survivability set, and an Argus “babysitter build” set. My single target offensive set uses Skullflower’s Haemostasis and Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn. For single target survivability, I use the legendary wrists and shoulders since they provide the most output in terms of self-healing. For the AOE sets, I swap out the Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn trinket for the Soulflayer’s Corruption chest legendary for the increased AOE Blood Plague dps and healing, and I equip Diima’s Glaciel Aegis as it provides the most AOE dps and survivability of the trinkets I own. Outside of legendary setups, the main differences between my offensive and defensive sets is that I swap out haste/crit jewelry and items for haste/versatility pieces instead.

4. I usually play during mid-day until late at night. Occasionally I am unavailable Friday and Saturdays when I go out with my friends. Currently, I am unemployed, but this may change if I get a part time job for the summer. If I do get a job, I won’t schedule any hours that conflict with raid times, and I’ve never had this issue previously. I start classes back again in the fall, and I may not be as available in the middle of the day, but I have already scheduled my classes, and they are scheduled in a way that my evenings are free. I have never had, nor do I anticipate having class conflicts in the evening around raid time, since 99% of my classes have time slots around mid-day. During the summer, I typically go to sleep and wake up whenever I feel like it, but in the case of a job or classes, I will probably look to go to sleep around 12AM CST, but this is flexible. The scheduled raid times allow me plenty of flexibility and are clear of my real-life obligations.

5. I’m a relative newcomer to the higher-end raiding scene, and I only picked the game back up around the time ToS dropped. When I was a kid, I toyed around with the game on and off throughout TBC and Wrath, but I did not participate in raiding.
ToS – 9/9 Heroic AotC (Bottom of the Barrel–Wyrmrest Accord)
ABT – 11/11 Mythic CE 22nd week (Pixel Frenzy-Bleeding Hollow)
Previous mythic guilds:
Avoidable Damage-Wyrmrest Accord. I progressed from 3-5/11 with them. They raided only 4 hours a week, and I found myself quickly bored with such a light schedule. They also did not have a full time tanking spot open, and I primarily played dps. I was eventually asked by officers in the guild to tank for their Aggramar progression part-time outside of my main guild’s raiding hours.
Luminous-Bleeding Hollow. Found a 9 hour/week guild on Bleeding Hollow, and we immediately progressed through and killed Kingoroth and Varimathras in my first lockout with them. Sadly, the second week, the guild couldn’t overcome the roster boss, and we didn’t raid at all after that initial week. The guild stopped raiding completely the next week.
Pixel Frenzy-Bleeding Hollow. Immediately after Luminous collapsed, I quickly found PF on server, and progressed through Aggramar and Argus with them (who would’ve thought that it would be so easy to get a trial with a guild progressing on Aggramar as a blood dk).
6. I want to leave my current guild because I want to take my raiding up to a higher level. I would like to find a guild that has more competitive atmosphere, with individuals who want not only be competitive with clearing content, but competitive with themselves. Your WoWprogress page also stood out to me, and I liked how the expectations are clearly stated, but fair.

a. To keep up with my class optimizations and strategies, I use a very wide range of resources. These include, but are not limited to:
class guides
warcraftlogs (top parses for dps and early kills for survivability builds)
class discords
youtube content creators
bouncing ideas off other players in the same role/class
raidbots for character simming
personal experience and experimentation
I also practice rotations every time I’m in the class hall (~10-30 minutes a day)

b. For most single target farm fights in ABT, I’ll use my standard offensive ST item set with Skullflower’s Haemostasis and Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn. This is for Garothi, Hounds, Imonar, Kingoroth, Varimathras, and Aggramar. For AOE Farm fights, I’ll use my offensive AOE set with Skullflower’s and the Soulflayer’s Corruption. This is for High Command, Portal Keeper, Eonar, and Coven. I will also use blood mirror on farm for additional damage if I feel 100% safe to do so. Argus was the only fight this tier where I had to drastically alter my build and itemization. As I talked about earlier, this item set uses an Eye of Shatug stamina trinket, the Soul of the Deathlord talent legendary, and Aggramar’s stride. My job this fight is to soak the Soulbomb/burst explosion in p2, and to soak Rent Souls in p3. In order to actually survive the massive amount of damage from the big soak, I needed to run the Anti-Magic Barrier talent instead of Ossuary so that I could gain a larger health pool, and thus larger Anti-Magic Shell. I also used the talent ring so that I could gain access to Rune Tap, which also helps for the few times when I actively tank the boss. For the soak, I used a macro to pop all of my defensive CDs, and I’m able to live with about 5-15% hp. I used a stamina flask and stamina trinket as extra insurance so that I did not die. In p3, I mainly zoomed around with Aggramar’s Stride to soak all of the Rent Soul orbs, Rune Tap also came in very handy in this section, since I could use it and sprint over 5 orbs without dying. Even though I had the role of “bitch tank”, I was still able to tank the boss when needed such as going into p2 so that the Avatar of Aggramar buff was placed on me, or to tank in p3 for the full 5 scythes when my co tanks died earlier than they were supposed to (it happened a lot more than I’m happy about).

c. In progression fights, my primary focus is survivability and mechanical execution. If I’m personally having trouble surviving encounters, I’ll look through logs in detail to see what is killing me, and what defensive CDs I’m using. I’ll also use this information to better plan out my CD usage throughout a fight. I also look at other kill videos so that I can get a good idea of how to handle specific mechanics, and how to better position the boss so that the rest of the raid has an easier time with their job.

8. blood dk main vengeance dh alt 3/11M brewmaster alt 1/11M (aggramar progression kill in old guild)

while it isn’t a fight on my main, this is a first mythic kill that I tanked on my monk alt. I chose this one since I am not highly geared on this toon relative to other tanks at this time, and it is on a class I am relatively new to. I also feel that this fight better represents progression tanking earlier in a tier, where tanks aren’t as geared, and thus forced to play more defensively as opposed to already outgearing content. This fight forced me to think a little bit differently, and itemize in a different manner than I’m used to. It was also the first time I’ve actively main tanked Aggramar, since I only helped with grips in my main guild.
While the last fight was a progression fight where I had to play more defensively, this was our recent Aggramar kill. For the most part, I’m mainly allowed to just focus on maximizing dps. I try to put out as much damage as possible, and I also simultaneously help out the healers by double soaking flame rends. To help cheese damage, I’ll use Vampiric Blood, Archimonde’s Hatred, and Blood mirror if available. I do still assist with double grips and controlling adds, but my main utility is having mass grip in p3. That way, me and the other blood death knight will have a gorefiend’s up for each set of flare spawns. This makes it so that the boss doesn’t need to be kited, and it helps cut down on some of the chaos that accompanies this phase.
This is our most recent Argus kill. Since it was still just our 2nd kill, things were pretty shaky. As I posted earlier, I’m the one responsible for eating all of the Rent Soul orbs in p3, and I shaped a lot of my itemization around that role. As a result, my boss damage was poor. Looking at other tanks, I probably could have gotten away with itemizing a little less conservatively. I also could have been more efficient with my movement in terms of soaking and hitting the boss. Even though grey parses aren’t fun, and there’s always room for improvement, I still feel as though I completed my job, and helped lessen the burden for my healers. Hopefully in the future as I get more experience on the boss, I can have better boss uptime and contribute to dps while also performing my assigned mechanics.

10. I have a GeForce GTX 1050 TI gpu, and an Intel Pentium G4600 3.60 GHz cpu. This summer I plan to upgrade at least my GPU before BFA. In raids, I rarely have fps problems, and I usually turn some graphics settings down to have better performance. In high intensity fights, I can sometimes dip to as low as 45 fps during the first few seconds of a bloodlust opener, but for the most part I maintain around 50-60 fps in fights.

11. raid UI keybinding screenshots
All of my keybindings are normally hidden. If there is anything that would affect my decision-making in combat, it is already tracked by weakauras.

12. I’m a 22 year-old male college student going into their last year of school. I’ve always had a very competitive outlook towards my hobbies and sources of entertainment for as long as I can remember. I don’t enjoy participating if I can’t strive to be better and compete at a high level. Outside of WoW, I enjoy playing other games like PuBG, Dark Souls, LoL, and dabbling with other games out of boredom. I was also a collegiate track and field athlete, and I feel like having that background has really nurtured a competitive and disciplined attitude when it comes other areas that I wish to be competitive in.

13. You can reach me on bnet as Ascendant7#1355 or on Discord at Kel#2770
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Re: Kelarrastus Blood DK

Postby Palin » Sat May 26, 2018 12:57 am

HI Kel, thanks so much for your interest with us and taking the time to apply. Appreciate the level of effort put into answering our questions.

I'm going to ask you a question we asked to a similar app regarding your end-game experience and being able to power through the slog that can come with high level progression:

Our biggest concern that we wanted to present for your thoughts is your past end-game experience. Obviously you can't change what you don't have, but in general we have a anxiety for putting people in prominent positions such as a MT who haven't experienced the endgame grind that raiding at this level can be.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you never were lucky enough to finish a tier of content at the hardest level until Antorus. What is your experiences with the common guild killers over the expansions that can require months of slogging progression and 300+ pulls? Examples of such bosses in the past would be Gorefiend, Mannoroth, Mistress Sazzine, Fallen Avatar, Kil'Jaeden, Argus Ragnaros (FL), Lich King, etc. We've found that bosses like this (where you might not see much progression for weeks at a time) push people to either dig deeper and find the challenge in the process, or to get discouraged/frustrated and quit the game. For example on Mannoroth last expansion we lost 3-4 people in the month it took to kill as people got discouraged with the process, and no longer found it fun.

We've found that people who've done these challenges before generally know what goes into it and how to handle the frustration and slog; the concern being that you may not have had to deal with those situations yet and we don't know how you'd handle it. In a DPS role that risk isn't a huge deal, but a Main Tank is such an important part of the group that we need to be a little more cautious. We're looking for a Main Tank for the entirety of BFA, not just for a few months.

My question to you then would be, how do you foresee yourself handling a boss that requires 300+ pulls? How long was the Argus/Agarammar grind for you with your current guild, and how did you handle the nights of zero progression or regression? What other games have you had a similar challenge where something just was not dying or seeing much progression over a long period of time? How did you handle that frustration and fatigue? Convince us this wouldn't be a problem for you, and that we have nothing to fear from you if it takes 6 weeks to kill Mythic Azshara, and there are nights with little to no progression.

Additionally, how confident are you in your ability to make almost every raid? We generally don't have attendance requirements, but a main tank is again held to a different standard. Even missing one raid a month can be a big hit to progression consistency - as a MT not making a raid is a total change in the plan for what we can work on per night. Your schedule seems fairly set in stone right now, but is there any chance of the work schedule changing? What about when the friends want to go out, or there's a school event you want to go to that conflicts with raid times, etc. Is there any danger of a future semester's schedule forcing you to to a live class during raids time? Those kind of things.

Thanks much in advance.
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Re: Kelarrastus Blood DK

Postby ascendant7 » Sat May 26, 2018 2:26 am

Hey Palin, thanks for responding so quickly!
I know that I haven't had many tiers under my belt compared to others looking to raid at this caliber, but I feel like I have experienced a good taste of the slog with Aggramar and Argus progression. If I recall correctly, it took us around 150ish pulls on Aggramar (I might be wrong), but it took us 380 pulls on Argus, or 6 weeks, with 3 of those weeks being extended solely for Argus progression. Obviously the level that I have raided at is on a lower level than what Spike Flail raids at, but logging in to raid nights just to pull the same boss for 10 consecutive raid nights was quite the grind. There were definitely nights where our pulls were trash, and even some where we had regression, but those nights didn't really bother me. With me being such a competitive person always looking to push myself forward, I've learned that you don't always go forward every time you push. I've had bad nights, and I know that the 19 other people can have bad nights. I guess the grind can be a headache, but I don't really look at the grind as it's happening. I've always just looked forward to the excitement of downing the boss, and that's what keeps me going.

Outside of raiding in mythic plus, I try to be just as competitive. I've had nights where I just completely shit the bed in terms of pulls or survivability, but I still always look to those times where I get it right. Even outside of WoW, I was somewhat competitive in League of Legends (plat II), and if you or anyone else that reads this knows, that game is a complete tilt fest, and you and your teammates will play like crap quite often. If anything, the amount of toxicity and flaming that goes on in that game has taught me to tune out negative attitudes, and not let them take me down too.

As far as attendance goes, My schedule is pretty locked in. My class schedule is pretty locked in, and at my university, we make our schedules for the next semester about 4 months out. 99% of classes don't run late enough to go into raid time, and the ones that do are primarily labs, which I am done with. As far as my part-time jobs lined up for this summer, the ones that I am applying to do not have shifts that conflict with raid schedule.

Playing competitive video games is a big part of my life, and a part that I take very seriously. My friends are also huge gamers/nerds, so they've always understood that I have priorities with my raiding. As far as school events go, I'm in my fifth year, I've seen and done everything, so I'm pretty much over it.
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Re: Kelarrastus Blood DK

Postby Palin » Thu May 31, 2018 5:43 am

Hey Kel, thanks for your patience as we deliberate and appreciate your detailed answer to my last question.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. At this time we've decided to go another direction and Trial another tank applicant we had. Things can always change quickly - if we are searching again in the next few weeks we'll check in and see if you're still looking for a new guild as well. At this time we're going to close your app but I will reach out to you down the line if the spot reopens before BFA. Thanks so much for your interest again and sorry we couldn't offer anything immediately. Best of luck in your continued search and take care.

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