Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

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Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby Reduts » Sat May 12, 2018 1:52 am

1. Reduts-Bleeding Hollow

2. Mage, Nightborne, Fire Main spec(79) Frost Off spec(75)

3. ... low/reduts
-the reason for the heavy mastery gems is me trying to be a parselord on cleave heavy fights

4. Since this expansion is coming to a close i usually am only on at the moment for raid nights and running a few dungeons. I am currently working part time at my local fitness center, last school semester i obtained my associates degree and took this current semester off to try and save up some money. I am planning on returning to school this coming fall, in the future i will not have any issues making any of the raid times listed here. The only unfortunate thing is i am working Wednesday nights for the rest of the month and will be unavailable for that day for a short period of time.

5. This is the first expansion i have raided mythic.
-7/7 M EN
-2/3 M ToV
-10/10 M NH
-6/9 M ToS (after killing mythic mistress the guild i was in at the time stopped progression raiding)
-11/11 M AtBT
My only other experience with raiding is AotC Highmaul

6. The big reason i have for seeking a new guild is i am looking for a more serious environment where i am pushed to compete and improve my play with other like minded players. I have been in three guilds this expansion with varying degrees of competent and incompetent players. I am hungry for an environment where i am actively pushed to improve as a player. What interests me about Spike Flail specifically is i have a good friend(Brockx) who i have known for a few years and raided with early in the expansion. But whenever Bro talks about Spike Flail he has nothing but good things to say and i cant help but feel we are playing two totally different games, i think i would fit in very well with the members of Spike Flail.

7.a. I keep up to date with a variety of resources such as the Altered-Time forums for mages, the class discord for mages, simulationcraft, and of course warcraftlogs.

7.b. There are two different single target builds for fire at the moment. The safe build in which you run bracers/belt and take your standard Firestarter/Shimmer/IF/Flame On/FS/UM/Kindling then there is the high risk but great reward build in which you run Bracers/Lust Ring Firestarter/Shimmer/RoP/Flame On/FS/UM/Kindling the damage output for this build is much higher especially on shorter fights where you dont get as much value out of your execute belt. But the risk comes in if you get a single mechanic in your Combust/Rop/Lust window, you can kiss all your damage goodbye. You would typically only ever use the risky build on farm content when trying to parse, on prog you would always run the safer build.

For your standard cleave heavy fight you could run a build with helm/bracers or bracers/belt it would depend on the fight. For example a fight like antoran high command where the adds have more hp and i can proc alot of scorches on them giving me more heating up into hotstreaks allowing me to flamestrike more, your standard talent setup for a fight like this would be Pyromaniac(because your not going to be fishing for pyro procs at the start of the fight but rather going immediately into spamming your combust empowered flamestrikes on the adds)/Shimmer/RoP/Flame On/FS/Flame Patch( because the adds live long enough for you to stack a few)/Kindling of course running your cheese AOE trinkets aswell

The other Helm/Bracers build would be for your Portal Keeper/ Eonar fights, your helm shines here because the adds tend to blow up very quickly thus allowing you to get more value in the short time they are up. Your standard talent setup for a fight like this would be Firestarter for Portal Keeper(because the adds dont spawn immediately giving you time to fish for pyro procs) Pyromaniac for Eonar/Shimmer/RoP/AF(because we are running helm here)/FS/Living Bomb as opposed to flame patch( the reasoning here is the same as why we run helm, the adds live for less time and theres more of them giving your living bomb more value)/Kindling with your AOE cheese trinkets

The only exception in the raid to these builds is on Kin'Goroth. With the way the fight works your combustion on its normal two minute CD lines up perfectly with add spawns thus allowing us to take meteor as opposed to kindling for more upfront damage. In this fight you can RoP and meteor combo on the pull while having your first charge of RoP and a meteor ready for the first add spawn. In between add spawns you can use one RoP meteor combo on the boss and still have both up for when the next add spawns.

7.c. In terms of new content i can watch 100 videos and read 100 guides but for me it really comes down to getting in there and seeing it for myself. It will take me a few kills to really optimize my cooldown usage and figuring out what little things i can improve on. I love conversing with the fellow mages in my guild and bouncing ideas off of them, since i have not been raiding mythic for very long im always open to learning new things from players that have been in the raiding scene for longer than me. When i have good/bad parses i take alot of mental notes asking myself what went so wrong here? Or why did this fight go so well for me? usually it is pretty apparent to me but sometimes looking at other mages PoVs or logs and seeing what they did can help alot.

8. ... low/reduts

9. I switched realms a few months ago so a lot of my kills unfortunately are not included here.
-( ... amage-done) this was one of my better garothi pulls this is one of those situations where using the risky build worked out well for me, i had very few mechanics myself to worry about and had bracers procs in all my combustion/pyro windows nothing much to complain about here beside having a few dps dead making our kill time much longer than it needed to be

-( ... amage-done) heres a kin'goroth pull where i had some bad rng in my combust windows with not getting bracers procs, on top of being late to several add spawns.

10. The only time i have ever really lagged while raiding is during skopyron cheese, besides that i get a stable 60 fps minimum during raids.


12. My name is Nick im a 22 year old male living in illinois, besides online game i really enjoy playing disc golf and board games with my cousins. Some other games im inot at the moment are DragonBall FighterZ, and random Switch games here and there.

13. Battle Net- Red#15518 Discord- Reduts#5955
thank you very much for taking the time to read through my post!
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Re: Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby Palin » Sat May 12, 2018 3:00 am

Hi Reduts, thanks for your interest with us and taking the time to apply. We appreciate the effort and time it took you to complete this, we know its a pain.

How do you decide which spec to play on either boss? Any consideration towards playing Arcane on a heavy AoE fight like Hasabel?

Based on BFA what spec/class are you leaning towards playing? Impressions of the Mage specs so far?

usually it is pretty apparent to me but sometimes looking at other mages PoVs or logs and seeing what they did can help alot.

What exactly are you seeing in log breakdowns when good/bad? RNG with procs of course but is there anything else you look at when comparing your pulls to orange ones, etc?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby Reduts » Sat May 12, 2018 4:08 pm

Hey Palin, dont worry about it at all I enjoyed writing this up.

I tend to have a preference toward playing fire on any fight I can, I dont mind playing frost at all on fights that it outshines fire but my fire gear is by far my most optimized set up. Mostly due to me being lazy toward the end of expac and not grinding the optimal relics, off-pieces for frost. I really do not enjoy legion arcane at all and since it hasn't been INSANELY dominant on any fights I haven't seen much of a reason to play it.

Definitely leaning towards mage for BFA, the only other spec I would consider at the moment is lock. Fire on beta feels pretty abysmal with the lack of crit gear unfortunately, were going to have to see if the stat inflation is going to be as real as it was in EN allowing us to get back up to at least 55% crit towards the end of the first raid tier. Frost was the best spec I played on beta by far, having your brain freeze relics rolled baseline into the kit feels amazing, great change there. And arcane I haven't tested enough to give a proper opinion but i do like the reworked spec on BFA a lot more than its current live iteration.

The first thing I'll look for in logs are things out of my control, such as how many procs he had, how many mechanics did he get slammed with, and how long was their kill time compared to mine. After that I like to compare casts, was I playing too safe on this fight and relying on scorch to much? Could I have squeezed in more fireballs resulting in more bracer procs that could have resulted in a proc during my combust.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through my app, much appreciated.
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Re: Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby kernalklink » Mon May 14, 2018 11:07 pm

A few mage questions/thoughts for you if you don't mind:
-I appreciate your thoughts on the differing ST builds for fire, (bracers/belt - bracers/ring), but I wonder about your point that the latter build being "high risk". I can't think of a single target fight in this tier where you can avoid the risk entirely with good planning ahead. Thoughts?
-The glaring thing in your app to me is the fact that you only have parses as one spec. I can appreciate that you enjoy fire because I too find the current frost spec cancerous and arcane is, in my opinion, not really worth putting the effort into. I still have given both of these specs a try while on farm in order to feel them out a bit and the fact that you don't have any logs to examine makes me wonder if you are competent in anything outside of fire. Pure DPS classes that only play one of the specializations make me a little bit sad. When BfA comes out and, in all likelyhood, fire is not the best spec of the 3 do you feel that you can pick up and play either or both of these specs at a mythic raiding level? Each spec has certainly had its time to shine in this xpac.
-Your UI is pretty bare bones, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Do you track your pantheon, concord, aci, etc. procs? Tracking these can make the difference between an 8M pyro and a 13M pyro.
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Re: Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby Reduts » Tue May 15, 2018 12:11 am

Hey kernalklink its no problem at all I would love to answer any questions you have.
- Regarding the high risk build it was most likely bad wording on my part but I didn't mean that with good planning on any fight you could always run it with no issues, but I would only ever use the build on farm content trying to parse when your just praying you get no mechanics allowing you to tunnel in your Rop/Lust windows.
- I feel just as confident in my frost play as I do fire, the only reason I dont play it nearly as much as fire is that I just dont enjoy it as much as fire. I played frost through the majority of my ToS prog and a fair bit in the Nighthold, but since I swapped guilds afterwards those logs are to my knowledge unavailable. When it comes to arcane since it has only been slightly better on a few fights this tier I havent bothered to pick it up, now when bfa comes around and arcane turns out to be at the top then Ill learn how to play arcane no problem. Since supposedly blizzard claims that spec swapping is not going to be as atrocious as it was early on in legion im going to be playing every spec to see what shines.
- Haha you wouldn't believe how much crap I get for the basic blizzard UI, but for me it definitely gets the job done. Im not going to lie to you here I dont have any of the things you mentioned here tracked, I suppose getting these things one at a time over the course of the expansion I never felt the need to have them tracked. But when you put it like that not having these things tracked is unacceptable when moving into a raiding environment that your guild fosters. This is simply laziness on my part I have no excuses.

Thanks for replying to my post If you have any more questions please feel free I would love to answer them.
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Re: Reduts-Fire/Frost Mage

Postby Faldain » Fri May 18, 2018 2:48 am

Hey Reduts,

I'm sorry for our slow response to your application. We'll be messaging you this weekend to setup a time to talk in discord.

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