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Coldnstormy - Frost DK

Postby Coldnstormy » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:18 pm

1. Character name, Server
Coldnstormy - Sargeras

2. Class, Race, and Spec (and Artifact Level)
Death Knight - Human (would be orc) - Frost - 78

75 in my other artifacts

3. Link to an Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.) ... oldnstormy

4. What are your usual playing hours? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? Inform us of your daily work/school schedule, what time do you get home from work/school, and what time must you be in bed for the next day. Are you able to make our raid times in general? Is this availability going to change within the next few months, or with a change in Semester (if applicable)?

Most of my play time is done during the week, I'm available for raid times without fail as I live in EST. The only days I reserve to be totally unavailable for play would be Fridays and Saturdays for family, friends, and relationships. My availability is not set to change in the foreseeable future

5. Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience. Specify your experience with Heroic/Mythic in previous content as well as your experience in the current tier.

Wrath of the Lich King: Warrior dps

Naxxramas - 25 man full clear mostly through pugs to get into a guild for Ulduar
Malygos - 25 man clear on a trial
Ulduar - Full Cleared 25 while current content
ToC/ToGC - Full Cleared 25 while current content.
ICC - Cleared up to LK on 10 man, did not get LK because group fell apart at the end

Cataclysm: Warrior dps

Dragon Soul - Full Cleared while current content.

Mists of Pandaria: Warlock

TOT - Cleared shortly before SOO on trial
SOO - Cleared on 10 man normal then which would now be considered heroic

Warlords of Draenor: Warlock

Highmaul - Full Cleared while current content shortly before BRF.
Blackrock Foundry - Barely made it past operator in a crappy guild, my raiding environment/just WOD in general had me quit without finishing the tier.

Legion: Death Knight

Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 M Full Cleared while current content

Trial of Valor - 3/3 M Full Cleared while current content.

Night Hold - 10/10 M Full Cleared while current content.

Tomb of Sargeras - Return from hiatus 7/9M - NH and taking down Guldan took a pretty big toll, I was switching jobs and one of our tanks left due to RL changes after Elisande. We cycled through another tank until guild leadership decided to put me in as tank even though I had been dpsing all tier and expansion. We took guldan down with with roughly 3-4 raids days after putting me in. The reason I mention this is because I am extremely proud of that kill and reaping the results of all the work, research, and confidence that the officer put into me. It was intense switching gears completely and this being the first expansion I pushed real content the pressure was on. Before taking Guldan down I let the officers know that I would have to take a break in the following tier to put things together in RL since I was getting a new job. Unfortunately my guild disbanded after many attempts on Avatar and my plans to return to raiding were in jeopardy. I joined Syzygy shortly after my guild dissolved to start again to get my parses and experience up to apply to bigger and better guilds.

ABT - 10/11M still with Syzygy

6. Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join us? Specifically, what interests you in our band of merry idiots?

We currently raid on a 12 hour schedule and I feel as though our progression for the amount of time we raid is not up to par. Alot of the time is largely wasted on either taking forever for people to actually pull at raid time , not having a set strat that everyone has studied before we even get to the next boss, taking forever on farm bosses because we pull in bench riders to help gear them but they ultimately slow down farm and give us less time on progression. I'm progression oriented and not focused on loot, we have US 49 on ilevel and there is really no reason to not extend on argus but leadership has chosen to go for what will inevitably be painful reclears instead.

7. Give us some info on your class knowledge and self performance analysis in this section:

7a. What is your general action priority? Opener and neutral game, and any special CDs?

Opener - pop RW and POF once in range - Dunk as many obliterates and rime procs until I am down to either 1 rune or the GCD of obliteration and a frost strike would have atleast one run generated to take advanatage. The reason this can vary would be because of runic empowerment and the current oblit belt legendary

Neutral game - Obliterate is the name of the game the goal is to always keep atleast 3 runes charging even when at full runic power and maximum up time on remorseless winter, outside of those conditions would be hitting rime on procs and keeping your RP from capping as much as possible.

Single target to AOE does not change much, there is no situation in which casted an unrimed howling blast is better than fishing for a rime with obliterate. The only time things change slightly for burst aoe cleave would be when speccing frost scythe in which 3+ targets it becomes a spammable ability with or without killing machine and casting HB on rime procs.

Special CDs: Sindragosa's Fury - Only to be used when conc, weapon chant, and POF are all up on single target. Typically this condition is met within the first rotation of POF but sometime must be held for the second if procs do not line up. Although it is a pretty big ST cooldown there are fights where burst and AOE dps take priority. It is better to hold Sindy with just POF for those aoe burst windows/priorities than it is to use it in ST with all your buffs up. Prime example would be aggramar

7b. What resources and practices do you use to keep up with your class and maximizing your DPS/HPS/Surivability?

I have a good relationship with a DK theorycrafter and mod on the acherus. Aside from looking through logs I get the most out of having conversation with DK's who are either higher on progression than myself or at the same progression. Typically the back and forth and sharing of ideas and tips leads to weaknesses and strengths being brought out into the open to be assessed and used. A great example would be maximizing AMS timings and empower rune weapon for breath on kingorath. I had the idea down about when I would use those abilities but talking to one of my fellow DKs we figured to maximize RP it would be best to run into the the add with roughly 70 rp and runes recharging and AMS the very first green swirly (I apologize for not knowing the proper name) because it eats our shield with no damage to us and tops off our RP resulting in very nice BOS.

7c. How do you prioritize gear upgrades? What stats do you prioritize, how do you choose between ilvl upgrades that don't have your preferred stats, etc.? Are there any legos you don't have that you're shooting for?

Gear upgrades are shown to me and calculated by sims of my DK's stat priorities and pawn strings. Right now haste is king with 48 dps per point with everything else trailing at 41. With pawn the math is already done by the time the item drops so ilevel vs stat is not something I have to consider on the spot.

7d. What fights in the current tier do you swap Talents and Legendaries to something different than the norm? What do you swap and why? Feel free to list on a boss per boss basis.

Frost Scythe Bosses:

Antoran High Command: Due to heavy cleave frostcythe is optimal here Toravon's is irreplaceable but this is an excellent fight for sephuz due to the pyroblasts that are very consistently casting. You only switch from Gathering storm to Frostscythe here, everything else stays the same.

Portal Keeper (If you are down stairs): Identical to high command with legendaries and talents for the same reasons but if you are going upstairs you stick with the regular single target build and legendaries

Eonar: There is a mix between Deathlord ring and Sephuz for this fight, I prefer deathlord for the consistency of frostscythe. Sephuz can be maximized on this fight by following stunnable adds the entire fight but this makes big add damage put at risk. You can only interrupt fel reavers and the ship add so if I had to choose to optimize sephuz I would lose flexibility in targets.

Breath of Sindragosa:
This build and talent setup is made specifically for maximizing the dmg buff on the adds. Legendaries stay the same but talents are switch to avalanche and BOS to guarantee proper timings of CDs and maximum add dps.

7e. How do you analyze your performance on a new fight and figure out how/what you can improve on next week? Don't just say you use logs and compare to others of your class - what specifically are you looking for when you have a good/bad parse?

I believe timing is the most important thing to watch and manage to improve performance. We all raid mythic and can press our buttons in the proper order but the difference is utility, defensive, and dps cd timings according to the boss. when looking through logs you can see about when big damage is going to come out and you know when to use which defensive CD to mitigate as much dmg as possible and keeping your defensive's rolling. If there is progression ahead of you you can find the average kill times to maximize dps cds. When looking at my own performance on argus for example I have been looking on when best to move on p1. In regards to dmg buffs on that fight I found that the best way to maximize buff time and keep from killing your friends by going out for buff stack 2 is to get the opposite buff of what you need and get the buff you need as he is casting cone. That way when you bait the next cones you still have plenty of time on your real buff to grab the next stack. This is also something I would talk out with Dk friends.

In regards to determining a good and bad parse, I would say what comes first is damage taken and mitigation. Im confident enough in my ability to do damage well and it is easy to figure how to do more by saving rime for the adds on varimathras for example. Staying alive and keeping mana up is the most important thing.

8. Please include your character log report showcasing your performance on the relevant bosses of the tier. If your logs are private, please change your Warcraftlogs login and list the username/password here so we can access your logs. If you aren't comfortable listing it publicly, please PM it to Palin privately on these forums. Please remember to change your WCL login again a few days later after we've reviewed your application. ... oldnstormy for overall

Last night's argus prog: I got in at pull 34 until the end of the night because I had an emergency I had to attend to

9. Of the above logs, please do a quick analysis of what fights you did well on, what went wrong on certain fights, etc. Use this chance to explain any context behind good/bad logs.

My last Kingaroth pull I felt was excellent, I lined up my cooldowns properly with the add timings, didn't get hit by anything I didn't want to, and I was able to move in a way that my wheelchair could always be hitting something

I'm pretty embarrassed about my Portal Keeper kills gray parses ranged anywhere from taking the portal and then getting slapped by the green, portal into collapsing world, and just derping on a green. I've been dying for a chance to redeem myself on this fight but I've either been sat by others who need the gear or we're doing prog and dont make it back to her. I really have nothing to blame but my own bad play but I'm more than confident now that I can bring that up.

10. Can your PC handle WoW at high effects (Lust, Scorp Room, etc.)?


11. Please include a SS of your raiding UI. IF A KEYBINDING IS NOT SHOWN NO YOUR FRAME, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND list any relevant keybinds not shown in the screenshot. Make sure we can see everything that pops up in a raid, meaning take the SS in combat in LFR or something of the like so we can see your boss mods, timer positioning, WeakAuras, raid frames, etc.

I am at work rn and only have access to an old one I can make and repost one later tonight:

My UI has changed a little with spacing but not by much, I dont use invisible keybinds with the exception of shift+space for my mount

12. Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, gender, work/school, hobbies, etc. Add anything else you feel is pertinent.
My name is Christian, I'm 24, I just got out of school in 2016 with a degree in Foreign Affairs from UVA, and currently working at a community college as a transfer counselor while I apply for bigger and better opportunities. I powerlifted and played quidditch in college but have gained a little fupa since my partner is no longer my next door neighbor. Im pushing to eventually contract for the DHS / DOD but I'm still working on pushing my foot into that door

13. Out-of-game contact information - Discord tag, ID, etc. Some way we can contact you besides these forums.
BattleTag- Stormy#11141 I have already added Pailin
Discord - Stormy#5095
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Re: Coldnstormy - Frost DK

Postby Coldnstormy » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:21 pm

Oops forgot to put the link for the progression log:
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Re: Coldnstormy - Frost DK

Postby nikolai » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:45 pm

Hey Coldnstormy, thanks for the application. I'll repost it internally, and I'm sure someone familiar with frost dk will be along shortly with some questions.
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Re: Coldnstormy - Frost DK

Postby Palin » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:46 am

Hey Cold, thanks so much for your interest with us and taking the time to write a detailed application.

Throughout your Agrammar progression, what is something you felt you could have done better on as you learned from night to night?

One of our concerns reading your app is something which most do but won't admit to, the prospect of hopping up the guild ladder to more successful guilds. Some of your frustrations can be said about many guilds at various points in their raiding times, we certainly weren't as buttoned up back in EN/ToV as we are now. How can we be sure if we pick you up and hit a rough month or two in BFA that you wouldn't jump to a better guild from there?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Coldnstormy - Frost DK

Postby Coldnstormy » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:12 am

In terms of damage on aggramar I was getting better but still did not master the amount of GCDs I could fit in on the searing tempest. More often than not I played on the side of caution, but as I got more comfortable I stayed and threw a few more hits in. In regards to the fight mechanics I definitely was having communication issues with the blood dk as the 3rd tank. We ironed out alot of the early mistakes (accidently double gripping), but there was still room for improvement at the end. Typical I'm very vocal when given a role but they put our blood DK on pull duty and calling for mine, where he would either A not say he's pulling until he has pressed the button or B not ask for mine until a few seconds of undebuffed time has passed. I brought this up with him and it improved slightly but there is still room for improvement on the communication between he two of us. I could have and should have made a weak aura to track his grip so that I wouldn't be sitting with my finger on the trigger for his call since he was not vocal enough with me.

This split focus on the grips would also give me periods of doing no damage for pulls just because I would uncertain on what the BDK wanted to do.

Now the guild hopping thing was something I was very guilty early on in legions because I was pretty new to mythic, I had no experience from the previous xpac, and I had alot to prove. Eventually moving from High 100s to Sargeras top 30 I found Noodle Factory. If it were up to me I would've never left this guild for any opportunity that was offered to me. This was a group of people that definitely qualified for higher guilds individually but we all played together for what really felt like a home. I had alot of respect for leadership and I felt that same respect reflected on me, I truly felt like I was a part of this community and hearing "hey stormy" was as comfortable as hearing my real name from friends. We weren't the best in terms of progression finishing out Guldan at Server 30 and our rough patch was 100% losing one of our main tanks and some poaching but I never considered leaving because I wouldn't turn on my friends that way. When Noodle Factory dissolved during my hiatus anyone can tell you it was pretty devastating for me. There were even points that I would blame myself for taking a break as to why things fell apart. TLDR I invest alot into this game besides going through gameplay and logs, I place very high value on respect and whatever you invest into me I can promise I will give back with some extra.

If there's anything you would like for me to expand on I would love to do so over voice. I prefer voice to paper but I have no issue with continuing in the forum format.

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