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Impertince Application

Postby impertince » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:47 am

1) Character name/Server


Recently I've picked up fire because M+ is a definite hobby of mine, I mainly play frost in raid as our current raid comp has extremely high pad but i did run fire on Kin'garoth this week as i got rid of my icy veins relic that drops it to roughly 2 minute cd for the add phases. Thus making fire more optimal for the burst windows on add phases. I play both specs well but always looking for improvement and have all specs including arcane at 75+ artifact.

3)Armory profile ... impertince
It appears currently it is in M+ gear for fire with vers gems for AoE. Typically fire set changes depending on the fights but my frost set stays relatively the same other than a sephuz change if it's a late lust fight such as portal keeper. my Frost stats are currently 34.22 crit (needs to be lowered since i have injector) 30.07% haste (i have been testing running more haste for the 72% double ice lance) 44 mast and 12.97% vers

4)Availability/playing hours
I put quite a lot of time into this game as i work from home for the time being and I have classes for most of my Saturday afternoon. I try to not take any time off but i will admit this last Christmas i did miss an entire week due to going out of town for the holidays as well as a friends wedding. I logged on a sub optimal pc to attempt progression but it didn't help much. My schedule will only get more flexible as next semester i plan to do more online classes. Typically i am home by 4 pm Mountain Standard time and on weekdays I am usually have WoW running in the background all day if not by 5pm Mountain Standard Time for sure.

5)Game Experience
Unfortunately my game experience slacks. I started playing the last month of Nighthold got 4/11 M in Happy Little Trees on Darkspear as a demon hunter then picked up mage the first week of tomb ending the tier 9/9M. This current tier I am 9/11M. I may be new to the raiding scene but every game I play I make sure I push myself. I am 3810 score in mythic plus and back in cata i achieved 2800 in 3's and I play 5-6 toons at a high level for mythic plus and mythic raiding. I have used my hpally and rogue as sub ins when needed for guilds.

6)Reason for switching/why I want to come to Spike Flail
Not to be rude in any way possible i do appreciate Cobalt as they are my first guild and i truly truly respect a lot of their members but I feel they are not optimizing me. Simply put I'm used for strictly mechanics ever since M KJ when I ran all orbs and found the proper safe spots etc. I want to be able to parse since quite simply put my parses are low because I'm either running the debuffs for portal keeper or ruining extra flurry procs because my one assignment is adds or for coven the tanks never put the sisters close enough for splitting ice in fear of bringing it too close. It's all understandable but at the same time I get harassed by certain members for lows numbers simply due to mechanics that nobody else is willing to do. I would like to at least attempt parses on re-clears. I even sat out for varimathras to see if they could down it and two hours later I'm pulled in 2 attempts later it's dead. I'm very interested in your guild as the raid environment seems more ideal. I can't recall where exactly I read it either on a previous application or on your wowprogress page but there was mention of swapping people out to play off certain classes/characters strengths and I really like the idea of that.

7) Class Knowledge)

Relatively new to mage in comparison to people with 10+ years of experience but to sum it up I put in a ton of time learning this class. I watch Ach who is an Australian mage constantly asking questions as well as other mages, not necessarily theory crafting but making sure I'm doing the most out of my class possible. I spend hours pushing myself in 22+ keystones and continue to do so in order to push myself and learn more about my class.


For frost it's been discussed of opening frostbolt over ebonbolt for chain reaction procs but typically my rotation goes as such:
Ebonbolt>Icy Veins(while it travels)>flurry (to shatter the ebonbolt)>ice lance>orb>frostboltx3 to stack chain reaction while dumping ice lances if i ever cap out on them. Flurry procs are casted after frostbolts and if above 72% haste (i have a weakaura that tells me) I double ice lance priority is keeping chain reaction up and spacing out ice lances in order to keep a bracer 6 stack up.

I make sure to keep chain reaction up, double ice lancing when i can, spacing out procs to maintain bracer stacks, and always shattering something with flurry.

For stat weights I am over crit cap which should be lowered due to injector procs having considerable up-time. That being said i would trade out crit for more haste for single target or vers for multi targeting fights as haste is roughly where it should be for the double ice lance with a 2% differential.

7d)Boss changes
I go fire for kin due to lack of a certain frost relic running higher mastery and meteor for bursty add phases as well as decimator trinket since i saw a streamer doing it and further inquired with him as to why. Frost changes for aggramar you cannot bring splitting ice and overall I change to unstable magic for single target fights for a 14k sim difference. Portal keeper i run Sephuz for the kicks on the portal adds that time with my veins cooldown and the fact our raid lusts at excecute range and I will not get another one. Same with Eonar it's a last phase lust but recently I have been going fire there.

7e)Self improvement
This i pride myself in, I feel i have improved a lot in the couple months playing mage and hope to progress further. To accomplish this i always watch top tier mages and read logs to determine what to do differently. Stat changes are usually determined off discussing with other mages or simming. I haven't been focusing on parses as much due to my seemingly inability to do so due to current raid situation but that's hopefully about to change. I always try to mitigate damage the best I can as it's my main focus to simply down the boss. Things simply will not die if I plant my feet and turret the boss to the floor.

8)Log link ... mpertince#

9) Out of these logs surprisingly enough I am proud of that grey parse on varimathras. If you look at add damage on all our kills I am 15-40% of add damage. That is my job and I feel I crush it. I do hope to some week have somebody else do adds so I can parse. Secondly my Kin kill as fire I liked since I was trying a new build I saw from a streamer and it worked out decently as I am working on my fire specialization in a raid environment.

10)Pc Info

My pc currently is god awful I will admit. It's a dell latitude 3470 but i have fire pulls in M+ that i burst 40m+ and it shockingly runs fine. A gaming pc is on my list of future purchases and I really hope that won't deter you from considering my application because it is surely on my list of future purchases.

11) Screenshot

First time I've used the site. I have more keybinds bound but they're hidden but there is roughly 50 keybinds displayed and used as well as WA's for haste chain reaction stacks and other things. I have the whole antorus weakaura package aswell.

12)Basic Information
My name is Ryan and I am 21 years old. I work as an IT consultant and attending school at UVU my major being marketing and finance. My hobbies consist of hikes, the gym, video games, riding motorcycles, offroading, and making music. I hope my application is interesting enough, I appreciate your time in reading this and hope to hear from you soon.

13) My email you can reach me at any time is
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Re: Impertince Application

Postby Melbu » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:48 am


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Re: Impertince Application

Postby Palin » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi Imp, thanks for your interest with us and taking the time write a detailed application (and editting in better formatting maybe).

After some review we're unfortunately going to pass on your application. I know you didn't mean it in the context it came out, and obviously you're a team player based on what you do with Cobalt... but your reasons for joining come off poor. The things you do in Cobalt would be no different there, we aren't successful because we "allow people to parse." All our Mages do bitch jobs on Hasabel and have to focus adds on Varim too, and thats not going to change just to get people better numbers. Granted to we don't make fun of people for their numbers when doing bitch roles, but alas.

On the non-bitch job roles we are looking for a bit more than your logs showcase. Maybe some of that is the low-powered PC or being relatively new to the raiding scene, but either way we're unfortunately looking for a bit higher performance to justify a Trial. Our roster is in a great spot so we're being exceptionally picky, sorry.

Thanks again for your considerations and best of luck in your search for a new home.

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