Steew - Shadow Priest

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Steew - Shadow Priest

Postby Steewieg » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:04 am

1. Character name, Server

2. Class, Race, and Spec (and Artifact Level)
Priest,Undead, Shadow,holy. Shadow 75 / Holy 62

3. Link to an Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.) ... rall/steew

4. What are your usual playing hours? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? Inform us of your daily work/school schedule, what time do you get home from work/school, and what time must you be in bed for the next day. Are you able to make our raid times in general? Is this availability going to change within the next few months, or with a change in Semester (if applicable)?
Currently I work 12-8am at my local cable company, I would consistently be able to make raid times generally ill sleep from 10/11 until 6-6:30. My play times are usually raid times after I wake up until work, once I get to work depending on how busy the night is I will log on with my laptop and do WQs or LFR or easy content until about 6-7am when it gets busy for the morning then once I get home usually by 830-9 ill log on for an hour or two before bed. I have currently worked this same job for 3 years so I see no foreseeable changes in schedule.

5. Discuss your prior endgame raiding experience. Specify your experience with Heroic/Mythic in previous content as well as your experience in the current tier.
ToS - 7/9M with multiple Fallen Avatar wipes-Swapped to Priest to flex for healing.
NH - US 125th
ToV - 3/3M before NH came out but cleared Helya after Augar
EN -US 59th

Warlords of Draenor:
HFC - US 85th-Swapped to Mage after fully clearing content did first Archimonde kill as mage
BRF - US 125th-Swapped to Holy paladin for blackhand due to them being strong and losing our holy paladin
Quack Like a Duck- Casual 2 day a week guild fall apart during BRF transation
5/7M - Highmaul

Mists of Pandaria:
DNA-was here for a short time
13/13M - Siege
Stage Clear - I left after Ra'den due to 16 hour raid nights
US 35th Ra-den
ToES/Heart of Fear-Somewhere in the top 150 US
Mogu'shan Vaults-joined during Elegon progression

Dragon Soul - 6/8H-Took a long break here
Muteki -This was my first real raiding guild
Firelands - 6/7H 25m(swapped to resto druid)
The Bastion of Twilight - 3/5H 25M
Blackwing Descent - 5/6H 25m- this is where I started raiding in a guild instead of pugging(disc Priest)

6. Why do you want to leave your current guild? Why do you want to join us? Specifically, what interests you in our band of merry idiots?
Leaving my current guild is hard for me I have much respect for all the officers and especially the GM, but our progression has gone extremely downhill for ToS, on top of changing raid times to extend to 11:30(which isant a problem on a push for progression but daily it makes me feel rushed for work) My goal is to be in a top 200 raiding guild (top 100 would be ideal), joining Spike Flail would be great because the raid times are perfect, also my GM actually recognized the guild as a long time guild from back in the day and said it would be a great fit for me and I agree.

7. Give us some info on your class knowledge and self performance analysis in this section:

7a. What is your general action priority? Opener and neutral game, and any special CDs?

Pre-pot on 2 Cast mind blast --> Vamp touch --> Shadow word pain --> Mind blast --> Mind Flay until --> Void eruption -> Void Bolt --> Mind Blast --> Mind Flay if both are on CD --> Repeat until 30-32 stacks --> Mind bender Resume --> Mind bender >3 sec --> Void torrent. (Disperse if heavy movement and void bolt on movement can refresh Swp while moving too)
Multi target fights would be the same except maintaining dots on any target possible.

7b. What resources and practices do you use to keep up with your class and maximizing your DPS/HPS/Surivability?

I like to research through Warcraft logs things I could of done better but for DPS maximization I really like Wow Analyzer. Here is an example I am really picky on is missing Mind blasts and void bolts i can review my cast efficiency and see how to improve ... efficiency on this goroth attempt I did both good, but there is room for improvement instead of casting mind blast at the end of my void form if I would of used a void bolt i wouldn't have dropped voidform at 47 stacks because my voidform would of been extending long enough to get the void torrent i missed off likely making it to about 57 stacks ... nd=1632354

7c. How do you prioritize gear upgrades? What stats do you prioritize, how do you choose between ilvl upgrades that don't have your preferred stats, etc.? Are there any legos you don't have that you're shooting for?

I currently do not have sephuz so my gear upgrades are a bit tricky I do follow my Pawn string from simcraft, but since I wear shoulders my gear priority is messed up currently. As for getting sephuz I got my most recent legendary on Tuesday 11/14 and I have been getting one a week I will be on the grind to get my last one!

7d. What fights in the current tier do you swap Talents and Legendaries to something different than the norm? What do you swap and why? Feel free to list on a boss per boss basis.

Currently i don't swap around as shadow If i had an arcanocrystal I would swap it for some fights generally I figure this out by analyzing what the top 100 or so players of that spec are doing.

7e. How do you analyze your performance on a new fight and figure out how/what you can improve on next week? Don't just say you use logs and compare to others of your class - what specifically are you looking for when you have a good/bad parse?
I look for Mechanical improvements and DPS improvements: ... &source=22 looking at torment gained on DI i can see that i got hit by 1 set of quills and didn't move out of the purple circle fast enough and look to improve on that for next week. to add onto this from the DPS increase aspect,voidforms: ... ity=194249. 1st voidform I make it to 61 stacks which is perfect 2nd voidform drops at 47 stacks if i zoom the logs to the end of the voidform ... end=223776 I can see for my last bit of insanity i only cast a PWS, voidbolt and get 4 apparition procs this means i was moving out of a purple circle and let my voidform drop. The correct thing to do here would of been to disperse until I was out of the purple then resume rotation. Then this dominos into having my 3rd voidform be even worse.

8. Please include your character log report showcasing your performance on the relevant bosses of the tier. If your logs are private, please change your Warcraftlogs login and list the username/password here so we can access your logs. If you aren't comfortable listing it publicly, please PM it to Palin privately on these forums. Please remember to change your WCL login again a few days later after we've reviewed your application.

9. Of the above logs, please do a quick analysis of what fights you did well on, what went wrong on certain fights, etc. Use this chance to explain any context behind good/bad logs.
Above answers the analysis part of this question, as for bad logs I haven't been able to DPS host for quite a while and when I have I was on top which is not ideal I am not happy with my logs and would like to improve them but currently with roster issues I am stuck playing holy too much.

10. Can your PC handle WoW at high effects (Lust, Scorp Room, etc.)?
yes, i generally raid around 60 FPS

11. Please include a SS of your raiding UI. IF A KEYBINDING IS NOT SHOWN NO YOUR FRAME, PLEASE EXPLAIN AND list any relevant keybinds not shown in the screenshot. Make sure we can see everything that pops up in a raid, meaning take the SS in combat in LFR or something of the like so we can see your boss mods, timer positioning, WeakAuras, raid frames, etc. // ** This shows 37 FPS but I had about 30 Chrome tabs open from logs and stuff**
I Use Weakuaras to track dots insanity and most shadow priest related thing seen above my health bar
Keybinding if you cant see them-Mass dispel is on a mouse button void torrent is a mouse button disperse is E, Mind bomb is Shift Q, Silence is Shift E, Mind bender is Q, Void Eruption/bolt is T SWD is mouse wheel down PWS is mouse wheel up.

12. Tell us a bit about yourself. Age, gender, work/school, hobbies, etc. Add anything else you feel is pertinent.
I am 23 I work for the local cable company as a internet and phone support rep, since I work overnight i spend most of my time playing wow and other games at work, outside of work and wow I usually spend any other time with my family I have a 7 year old brother who is non verbal has austism and ADHD.

13. Out-of-game contact information - Discord tag, ID, etc. Some way we can contact you besides these forums.
Steewieg#8477 - discord // Stewieg#1369 Real ID
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Re: Steew - Shadow Priest

Postby Palin » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:04 pm

HI Steew, thanks so much for your interest with us! We appreciate the time and effort you put into your app.

We'll review over the next day or so and reply with any questions we have.
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Re: Steew - Shadow Priest

Postby Palin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:00 am

Hi Steew, thanks for your patience as we deliberate. After some consideration we've decided to unfortunately pass on your application. Our roster is in a real good spot right now and we can afford to be a bit pickier, and unfortunately your logs aren't quite what we're looking for to justify a new Trial at this time.

Thanks and best of luck in your search for a new home!

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