Classes recruiting & Raid times (Updated 01/6)

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Classes recruiting & Raid times (Updated 01/6)

Postby Melbu » Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:46 pm

Recruitment is open.

1. Current recruitment needs and raid times

The classes listed below are what we are actively seeking for Legion.

High Priority:
- Monk (Windwalker)
- Shadow Priest
- Death Knight (DPS)
- Warlock
- Retribution Paladin

Mid Priority:
- Hunter
- Mage

A Note: We are not recruiting this many players. We simply have a lot of options available to what classes we can take. Some members have alts/offspecs they can choose to if we find a certain class. We also just have a general need for good players, so we're open to most classes at the moment. That's why we have so many on our list.

"High Priority" means we're actively seeking that class. Classes/specs not listed means we're not so much of in need of the class as High, but we will give impressive applications thorough review and consideration.

Please note that even if your class is listed under Mid priority or not at all, we are always seeking exceptional players to add to our roster.

Raid Schedule for Heroic/Mythic content

Our raid times are in EST time zone. Please note Mal'ganis is a CST server, so when discussing your availability, do so in terms of EST, not server time.

    - Off night.

    - Off night. Optional Flex content is sometimes scheduled these days, participation is not required.

    Wednesday 8:00PM EST - 11PM EST

    Thursday 8:00PM EST - 11PM EST

    - Off night.

    - Off night

    Sunday - 7:00PM EST - 11PM EST

    - Currently we are raiding 3 nights a week, This likely will not change, however the days may move around slightly due to availability/desire to kill content faster. An additional day may be added on the fly during progression, but that is not the norm as we understand the importance of stick to a true 10/11 hour raid schedule. Any raid that we add outside of the above hours is optional and not required for any member. We value your real life balance!

    After completing the content we move to a 1-2 day raid schedule, normally removing Thursday or Sunday from the raiding day schedule in order to promote life balance. If we do raid Sunday during farm content, we tend to start at 8 PM EST instead of 7 PM EST unless extra time is needed for some reason.

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