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Overview, Expectations, and Requirements. *APPS READ ME*

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:58 am
by Palin
We are looking for a few great raiders to flesh out our Mythic team and become a part of our community of player sand friends.

To see our current recruitment needs, please visit our post here.

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:01 am
by Palin
About Us:

Spike Flail in WoW has been around since TBC launch, and our core raiders have had MMO connections to each other anywhere from two to four years. Our leadership has been raiding since MC, and the majority of our guild has been involved in the endgame MMO scene for well over eleven years now. Our guild is composed of a variety of different types of players; we have some who log on once in a while to socialize, some who only enjoy the PVP aspect of WoW, and then we have those who's primary method of enjoyment is endgame raiding. This post is about adding you to the latter group.

We raid three nights a week, from three to four hours per night. We have members from all over continental North America, however the majority of our raiders are CST/EST based, and thus we raid in the EST time zone. We currently raid Sunday, 7 PM EST - 11 PM EST, Wednesday + Thursday, 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST. Our raid schedule is not as nearly as demanding as some guilds out there, so if you can't make the majority of these raids for whatever reason, its probably not the best idea to apply to us.

If you're looking to log on every once in a while to raid, we're not the guild for you. While we certainly have members who do that, we do not rely on them in our core raid team. To constantly be progressing, we feel each raid member should be familiar and knowledgeable of their teammates, constantly swapping raid members does not contribute to that goal of familiarity and comfort when raiding with one another. Therefore, we're looking for raiders who we can count on for the majority of our raid nights, at least 66% attendance(2/3 of our raid nights.)

On the same note, if you are looking to raids six days a week, six hours a day, this isn't the guild for you either. We don't have aspirations to become the next superguild, we'll never push ourselves to the point in which WoW is our life. We're not a "super hardcore" guild by any stretch of imagination; the majority of our players are college students and working professionals, who have their own schedules social lives to attend to, and thus don't have many hours of the week to waste screwing around when it comes to raiding. As raid leaders, we try our best to be respectful and responsible in our use of your time, because we don't have unlimited quantities of it ourselves. We don't assume that our members, or our guild as a whole, do either.

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:02 am
by Palin
What we expect from you:

We are looking for exceptionally skilled raiders, who are mature, professional, social and intelligent human beings. In regards to your playstyle, we're looking for players who are competitive and analytical in their approach to their class, while at the same time remaining humble, patient, and respectful of themselves and their fellow guildies. Players applying to us must have high levels of situational awareness; you must be a quick learner, be able to multitask well, be attentive to your surroundings, and be able to quickly grasp the bigger picture of a given encounter, rather than just your class's specific role. Most importantly, we're looking for players who can admit and learn from their mistakes well, and shouldn't need to make the same mistake more than a few times before learning how to fix it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You must be an intelligent human being, and you must be able to express yourself both verbally and physically in a way that shows that intelligence. We want people who can analyze their own performances and problem solve for themselves, and be able to explain and communicate clearly why they are doing what they are doing in a raid. Subsequently, if you do not know which stats to properly gear your character with, or not know how to avoid an AoE or handle a simple mechanic of a fight, please don't apply. We're looking for intelligent players, if you can't handle the common sense this game requires to succeed, you're not what we're looking for in Spike Flail.

We are aware that these standards are high, but we are only looking to invite a handful of players, and we want those players who we do end up taking to be the best of the best, quality intelligent raiders who we can rely on, and not have to replace for quite a while. We're not looking to fill spots we have more than enough of with players who do not meet our expectations in every single aspect, and we're not going to take anything less just to get warm bodies.

On a last note, I've heard many people complain that strict raiding expectations makes raiding "feel like a job." I admit I once felt that way as well, until I looked back and took a different perspective on it. I see a guild's raid team akin to a team of players on any competitive sports team, IRL or virtual. Joining the raid team of a guild encompasses accepting the trust, expectations, and determination that come with that position. I could elaborate, but I'll quote a post on a forum I saw a while back, which hit the nail right on the head about my feelings towards our guild's raid team:
It's the expectations of performance, attitude, and attendance. It's letting your team know when you can't make it. It's showing up with the right frame of mind. It's showing up mentally and physically (consumables, ho!) prepared. It's treating your teammates with respect, not derision and mockery. It's knowing that you are part of a group that is *choosing* to spend 4 hours of your evening *together* doing something you all find interesting and fun. And if you screw with that, you're screwing with your entire team ... and if you do that too much, you don't have a team anymore.
That's the attitude we try to foster in our members towards raiding, and the attitude we expect out of you as an application to welcome and embrace. Hopefully, when you read this entire thread, you agree with the philosophy towards raiding we've presented here and bring that philosophy with you as you attempt to join us in our endeavors.

Re: Overview, Expectations, and Requirements. *APPS READ ME*

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:11 pm
by Melbu
People should also read this. Sure its old but pretty much all of it holds true today ... pike-flail

(Ushas is still our current GM/RL today, renamed Palin on the forum and Pallinn/Azurri in game).