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Spike Flail Orgins

Post by Rob » Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:03 am

The answer to the VIP code is: Kupo

Where are we from?

A large number of our players came from Final Fantasy XI. We played on the Pandemonium server where our linkshell (guild) Kupo was one of the top English-speaking linkshells in the world. We had a number of accomplishments, including first world kill of the once 'impossible' monster Jailor of Love and the first to complete Blue Gartr's "Big Kills" list. We were some of FFXI's best.

Around the time of the release of The Burning Crusade, many of us had grown bored with the game. There was horrible (read: no) itemization in the game, out of control RMT problems, wrongful bannings, and many other reasons that led many of Kupo's members to start playing World of Warcraft. Some who already had characters on other servers transfered to Ner'Zhul, and we formed the guild Spike Flail.

More about the rest of our members coming soon!

The answer to the VIP code is: Kupo

Where does the name "Spike Flail" come from?

In FFXI, there was a 'World Boss' dragon named Fafnir who dropped some of the best gear in the game (despite being 3 year old content). A 24 hour repop, he would have a chance of spawning his "King" form, Nidhogg, instead every 3+ days.

Positioning during the fight was important. No one count stand behind the mob or it would use its powerful move, Spike Flail. Spike Flail would typically deal enough damage in AoE to instantly kill nearly everyone in the area. Since Fafnir and Nidhogg spawned in a small room, this would also wipe out anyone else attempting to claim or watch the fight. Because of this, Spike Flails were a very rare occasion, usually leading to hilarious circumstances.


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