Mount Hyjal Clear!

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Mount Hyjal Clear!

Post by Palin » Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:27 am

The past two weeks since our last update have been pretty interesting for Spike Flail. After Teron and Azgalor, we made a goal to down Archimonde and clear Hyjal before we took off for the Holidays. What better way to say farewell to the awesome year we've had here in Spike Flail besides defeating the last boss of an extraordinarily annoying instance...

Unfortunately, with Finals upcoming, we were hit with a sudden wave of that good old attrition that WoW Raiding is known for; and found ourselves a few members short for Hyjal on a couple of nights. We decided to finalize some decisions on a few prospective applications we were looking at and hit up SSC and TK for attunement runs. After we had a solid base again, we hit Hyal hard this week, clearing up to Archimonde last Tuesday, and beginning our attempts on Wednesday.

Our first night went relatively well, getting a nice feel for the strategy we were using. We were able to pound into our heads that the name of the game of Archimonde was survival and not DPS, and managed to bring him down to 27% on our best attempt; solidifying in our minds that we had the fight down, and now it was just time to execute.

Waiting for slowpokes! :evil:

Following our three day break, today we entered into Hyjal fresh and confident, with our eyes set on the kill. After teaching the guys who hasn't been in on Wends how to handle the Doomfires, and reinforcing ourselves to stay calm when dealing with unfortunate Soul Charges, we were making progress. However, due to some problems with Doomfires and the melees, we still weren't quite there. The last two attempts changed all that; after slightly tweaking our healer setup, and coordinating our melees' survival a bit better, something clicked, and we did immensely better. The last kill was rough, we'll admit; but we survived through three or more Soul Charges to power him into 10% with half the raid alive, and to the win...


[item]Hood of Absolution[/item] - Ushas
[item]Slayer's Helm[/item] - Midori
[item]Midnight Chestguard[/item] - Midori
[item]Leggings of Eternity[/item] - Summonlight

Its been a great year raiding with you guys in Spike Flail. We started back in February with TBC launch, as just a small group of friends from FFXI, and here we are now. The faces of the guild are definitely a lot different than when we started, but meeting and raiding with our newer guys has been a blast. Thank you to all the members, both new and old, who's stood with us over the months. Its been awesome playing with you all, here's to another strong year of endgame in '08. Have a safe Holidays, and see you guys in January on our push to Illidan.
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