BT/Hyjal Progression

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BT/Hyjal Progression

Post by Palin » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:37 am

The week after Thanksgiving was pretty rewarding to Spike Flail, adding another two bosses to our slate of kills.

We started the week off with our first Teron Gorefiend attempts, making solid progression our first night. Unfortunately due to a series of d/cs and lag spikes, we weren't able to finish him our first night. After a quick SSC run on Tuesday, and a reclear of BT up to him on Weds, we went back in this Sunday and took him down in a few attempts. Great job guys...

Unfortunately... we forgot to take a group shot in our haste to get to Hyjal after! So here's our awesome group shot, thanks to Krispy.


[item]Gauntlets of Enforcement[/item] - Hirokal
[item]Soul Cleaver[/item] - Zeffer

After downing Teron, we decided to push back heavily into Hyjal, and ended the night with an Anetheron of epic proportions. Last night, we finished of Kaz and began our first attempts on Azgalor in almost a month. With a new strat in mind, he lay dead at our feet after two attempts. Great job everyone!


[item]Bow-stitched Leggings[/item] - Krispyable
[item]Gloves of the Tempest[/item] - Wolvie
[item]Lightbringer Gloves[/item] - Kadeem

On to Archimonde! Great job again this week guys. Lets stay focused and clear Hyjal once and for all before the Xmas break!
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