BT... Finally.

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BT... Finally.

Post by Palin » Thu Nov 22, 2007 2:01 pm

After a long series of setbacks due to people not being on to kill Rage Winterchill, we finally made our start in BT on Monday. As expected, the first three bosses went down quickly, and we had a lot of fun exploring the new instance as well as not killing ourselves over waves of Trash from Hyjal.

High Warlord Naj'entus:

Fun fight, put our healers to the test and made them work overtime. Solid progression on each attempt, getting faster at picking up Spines as well as topping people off and breaking the Shield. Came back the night after the first kill and 2 shotted, great job!


[item]Ring of Captured Storms[/item] - Hotblooded
[item]Fists of Mukoa[/item] - Payload
[item]Halberd of Desolation[/item] - Zxt
[item]Rising Tide[/item] - Krispyable


We had a lot of fun our first night with this guy, threeshotting him in a fight of Epic proportions. As Nattyice would say, "I don't think people understand the mechanics of the Volcanoes." Next night, we came in and one shotted.


[item]Nether Shadow Tunic[/item] - Rozier
[item]Choker of Endless Nightmares[/item] - Rozier
[item]Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury[/item] - Vaprak
[item]Band of the Abyssal Lord[/item] - Varnek(oops) :oops:

Shade of Akama:

Still bugged, so a joke, though its a joke when not bugged too. We really should have gone for him Monday after Supremus for free loot, but it was late and past our end time already. Came back in Tuesday and got our welfare Epics.


[item]The Seeker's Wristguards[/item] - Arteria
[item]Shoulders of the Hidden Predator[/item] - Payload

Good job this week all, next week Teron and Azgalor!
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