Phase 1s Suck.. Blackwing Banes of the 4 Winds

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Phase 1s Suck.. Blackwing Banes of the 4 Winds

Post by Palin » Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:56 pm

Late update again!

Alakir P1 kicked our ass for a good 3 weeks. We really sucked at it, for whatever reason. For a while there it looked like we probably would never overcome the crazy bulllshit that can happen to you in that phase, but its amazing what 100+ attempts of practice can do for you. We got some consistency in P2, got better at chaining Stormlings, and killed it on our 2nd P3 transition.


thinking the fight was going to be a PITA to repeat, we came in and 2 shot the next week. Now we have more trouble repeating Conclave. Go figure. Fuck Conclave.

Next we switched our sights to V&T Heroic, which we got a nice break on after the Rift Blast changes. The fabulous dragons fell within two nights of attempts.


And finally, Nef. We had been dreading pushing this fight in 10 due to the crazy amount of Shadowflame damage in P2, and having only one healer per platform. But as we got into it we realized it wasn't so bad, and Burning Cinders was pretty trivial. We struggled a bit lasting the 8+ minutes in P3 without a tank gib, but with some execution and better tactics for handling tanks before/after Electrocute, we pushed it down.


Forgot to WoL the first kill, here's the repeat.

Great job everyone, we're almost done!
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