Two Kills, One Week! What delightful possibilitiies...

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Two Kills, One Week! What delightful possibilitiies...

Post by Palin » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:36 pm

After pushing down Sindragosa on Wednesday of last week, we set our remaining attempts on Putricide Heroic, knowing it'd be a challenge. We took the day off Sunday and come in focused and driven to get our chance at a top 20 US kill on Monday..

Things started out well. The week before we had barely been able to handle transitions, our first pulls on Monday saw us getting into P3 and handling our transitions much better. We slowed down a bit as the night dragged on however, and started getting sloppier. A 10% wipe turned into a 7% wipe, followed by a harrowing 3% wipe with just 7 attempts left or so. We knew we were close, but running out of time.

Sloppiness and mistakes continued however, and we found ourselves at 2 attempts remaining. The time had come, it was do or die. We could either pull out a kill and get ourselves into the top 20 US ranking, or wait another week and surely fall closer to #30. Knowing what was at stake, we pulled..



It was sloppy, but in the end it doesn't matter. We had a less than stellar-P3 and still pulled it out with sheer will and determination. And in classic SF style, we pulled it out on the last attempt of the night.

Great job and great learning and progression everyone. One last hurdle remains!
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