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Heroic Icecrown

Postby Palin » Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:40 pm

Some of this is kinda late. Oh well.

A bit dejected that we wasted a week by not getting LK down the first week he was out, and subsequently one shotting him the next night, we enterted into Heroic Icecrown two weeks ago looking to make a splash. We found ourselves challenged by Lady Deathwhisper and put two solid nights of learning on her before unfortunately deciding to move on in the sake of focusing on larger targets, Deathbringer Saurfang.

After getting a feel for our positioning Wednesday night with a few attempts, we went back in on Sunday and ironed out the kinks, but kept falling at the last few % to the unforgivable nature of Mark of the Fallen Champion (and only having two Holy Paladins). The end of the night was drawing near, and it was looking like we'd need to give up and move on to clear the other bosses in the instance. The realization that it would have been a massive failure to have to skip the hardest bosses in Heroic on the first week set in, and in classic SF fashion, we pulled it out on our last attempt of the night:



The funny thing is, that kill had very bad Runic Power luck and he put out 6 marks total, while on other attempts we had failed with only 4-5 out in P3. And we had subpar DPS with a disconnect. Go figure.

That kill seemed to be a turning point in our minds, as we sort of woke up and realized that we couldn't half-ass our way through some of these Hard Modes. Our morale restored, we followed up our Deathbringer kill with a quick Rotface kill before going in on Monday and downing Blood Prince Council, BQL, and Dreamwalker on HM. We finished our first week 7/12 Heroic ICC, but we accomplished what we wanted in downing one of the hardest bosses in the instance that week.

The day after we went back in determined to get a Deathwhisper kill this week, or bust. Expecting another full night of learning, we somehow managed to be able to see ghosts and move from them, and quickly downed her in 5 pulls.



Worried a bit that we'd need a good few hours to repeat our Saurfang kill, we were happily surprised to down him in two goes. It seemed that the Deathbringer kill the week before truly had been a turning point for us. We moved on for a quick Festergut kill, and spent the rest of the week practicing for Sindragosa HM. Unfortunately we deviated a bit and blew some attempts testing ourselves on Putricide HM, so when we got back to Sindy, we only had a few attempts to work on her. The first pull we got her to 8%. Unfortunately we ran out of attempts for the week, but stay tuned, because..

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