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Post by Palin » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:30 am

Spike Flail has spent the last few weeks poking around the other Hard Modes Ulduar has to offer, refining strategies and getting a feel for what we can do easier than others. Lately we've made good progress and working towards Freya +2, Steelbreaker last, and Vezax Hard mode, and expect to have those down shortly within the coming weeks. We also nabbed a kill of Three Lights in the Darkness a few weeks back, not much to write home about however. :wink:

Tonight we went into Ulduar after missing the abomination of the 3.1.2 patch day, and put some time into XT's Hard mode, Heartbreaker. Previous weeks we had not the logistical raid setup to make good, consistent attempts on this Hard mode, but tonight we seemed to have what we needed, and made good headway early on. A few hours later, we pushed him down for a very stable, no death kill.




Nice job everyone, should be a very repeatable kill in the following weeks. Thank you for the time you put in and a great job all around.

On a side note, Summer attrition sucks balls, and we're recruiting quality apps of the following classes:

- Elemental Shaman
- Resto Shaman
- Feral Druid
- Rogue
- Moonkin Druid
- Warlock
- Holy Paladin
- Hunter
- Mage

We're looking for quality applications with strong raiding experience with their class, including in Ulduar. You must have a strong grasp of your classes' theorycraft and be competitive with your min/maxing to the highest level. We're not looking for apps who "wing it" when it comes to their performance, you should know the ins and outs of your class's numbers and mechanics, and be able to utilizing that knowledge to maximize every bit of DPS/HPS you can.

To app please head over to our app forum here.

Be on the lookout for more Hard mode kills soon! Great job again everyone, keep it up![/quote]
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