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Ulduar Recruitment

Post by Palin » Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:27 pm

Been quiet here for a while due to lack of content. Spike Flail has been spending its remaining weeks before 3.1 on the PTR testing the new bosses in preparation for Ulduar's release, while continuing our achievement runs on live. We do have a few recruitment needs we'd like to fill before our progression begins once again however:

- Elemental Shaman
- Balance Druid/Resto Druid (Have experience, knowledge, and gear for both specs)
- Hunter
- Mage
- Resto Shaman
- Enh Shaman

- Holy Priest
- Shadow Priest
- Holy Paladin

We're looking to pick up an additional 1-2 Healers and 1-2 Ranged DPS for Ulduar. Hybrid Shamans/Druids are extremely valued, if you have experience and gear for both Ele/Moonkin and Resto, we can make good use of you.

As always however, just because the current content is easy doesn't mean we'll accept any geared person. Gear is so easy to get right now, that its one of the last things we're looking at. We're looking for Trials who are thorough and up to date with their classes's theorycraft and have a strong desire to maximize thier characters at all times. If your attitude is that you do "good enough" for this easy content, you're probably not the type of person we're looking for. You also must be able to present yourself in a professional and respectable manner, remember first impressions are extremely influential.

If any questions, please feel free to contact myself or a Spike Flail Officer in game. If interested, please read through the stickies on our Application forum before posting an app.
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