Three Drake Sarth

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Three Drake Sarth

Post by Palin » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:06 am

This update's about a week old because I'm lazy. No one's counting right?

With Naxx, Maly, and Sarth+2 kills under our belt, we set out to take down the last remaining challenge in this phase of WoLK content, Sarth with all 3 of his Drakes alive. We knew the fight would be a difficult one and steeled ourselves for a learning experience we hadn't felt in many months since Sunwell.

Our first night and a half on the encounter we made decent progress, but kept hitting walls as we struggled a bit to cope with the souped up Breaths on our MT after Shadron's and Vesperon's Disciples were spawned. Sunday night however, we had a breakthrough when we shifted our strategy to focus more on burning Shadron immediately as opposed to dealing with the two Disciples. By juggling survival cooldowns on our MT for the uber-Breaths, we managed to survive long enough to down the second drake, coasting us to a win.



Big grats to Arteria on the Twilight Drake!


Definately a challenging encounter, and I personally enjoy the duality of the fight that Blizzard incorporated, allowiong both lower-tier and more hardcore guilds a level of content they can work towards on the same boss. Sarth + 3 is definately a fight on a similar calibur as the early Sunwell bosses, and if Blizzard continues to develop fights on this level of design, we'll be very much looking forward to Ulduar. Until then, we'll enjoy gearing ourselves our, farming drakes, and taking advantage of our reduced raid week.

Great job everyone, lets bring the same level of dedication and commitment that we brought to 3.0s raid content into Ulduar come 3.1. Enjoy your Holidays stay safe!
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