Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

Post by Palin » Wed May 14, 2008 5:51 am


Not too much to say about these gals. We were very lucky to go into the fight with the knowledge regarding the "alternative hard" strat, saving us countless nights that we could have wasted on the Alythess-first strategy. Because we were able to enter into the fight with some background information at our disposal that guilds before us didn't have the luxuryq of possessing, we didn't feel the fight was as horrible as it was hyped up to be. Our healers were top notch for 90% of the attempts we made over the week and we knew by the end of the first night that we could easily down them in proper time.

We should have had them down last Weds and been #2 kill on the server, but alas that didn't happen. Our first time that night getting Sarcolash down, we ended up hitting the Enrage due to dead DPS. The second time late that night we ended up again Enraging 1% after a near perfect execution of Phase 1, due to a bad disconnect and some BossMod confusion. It cost us our 2nd-Server position, but we came back in on Sunday and downed them within the first 30 minutes of attempts.

Great job to our healers once again pushing themselves to keep up with the immense amount of raid damage this fight offers, and hats off to our tanks who mastered the proper positioning required. I personally believe the fight is amazingly well-tuned, requiring such a precise positioning and healing distribution that any deviation will result in a wipe. It's definately one of the more enjoyable encounters in the game so far, a trend all the bosses in Sunwell have been keeping up with. Hats off to Blizzard for another well done fight, and great job everyone once again.


On to M'uru. :wink:

Kill Video - Big thanks to Melbu!
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