Four Hundred and One

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Four Hundred and One

Post by Palin » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:37 am

That many pulls before a boss kill becomes a new Spike Flail record.

KJ was by far the most punishing end-boss we had faced in a long time. Putting aside the random raid-wipe mechanic every 30 seconds, any fight that requires 10+ minutes of perfect play leads to a lot of brick walls as a raid team looks for consistency and to "put it all together." Previous iterations of our raid group would have most likely bent under the pressure and had many more nights where all hope seemed lost.

Not this team, not this time.

Despite 401(k) pulls, I personally felt like we were always moving forward. We had a few nights where we struggled to make progress, and had to go back to the drawing board. It probably took us a bit too long to get consistent with Armageddon and Rupturing Singularities. But once we pushed past Eruptions#2 and saw the Darkness phase for the first time, we progressed at a breakneck pace. I'm very proud to boast it only took 8 days (4 raids) after that first push into Intermission #2 to defeat the most daunting boss, and the hardest instance, in a long time.


This tier was one of great growth and development for us. After a disappointing Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold and a sort of rebuild that came from those disappointments, we finally achieved our goal of top 100US and overall just played a lot smarter and better this tier.


We found ways to decrease our pulls on easy early bosses, giving us extra time to work on the harder bosses and not fall behind in the race. Natural attrition has allowed us to reshape the roster into a stronger force with more skill and dedication than we had in previous tiers. I'm looking forward to bringing this group into Antorus and continuing our push to better ourselves each and every night.

Great job everyone and enjoy these final few weeks off. Thank you for your dedication and commitment these past few months achieving our goals. Let's be sure to bring the same level of preparation and focus into Antorus as we did ToS, and get off to a quick start once again. Here's to you!
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Re: Four Hundred and One

Post by Ello » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:54 pm

Should have taken 100 more attempts to make it a hot Turisas reference.

Congrats pals~
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