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Antorus opening weeks saw a blitz and a rush to tackle the 'easier" bosses quickly and put ourselves in good position through the holidays. All in all we ended up finishing 9/11M after 21 days from Mythic opening. What a whirlwind!

First 3 bosses we didn't SS cuz they were too faceroll.

Our first big challenge came on Portal Keeper where we maybe underestimated her mechanics slightly. Was a good wake up call to take these "easy" bosses seriously still and not lose focus.


Eonar was "different".


Imonar saw a step up in difficulty and a fun challenge.


Kin'garoth saw another jump in difficulty but ultimiately a refreshingly different type of fight than we'd seen in the past. Also BALLS.


Our healthy roster allowed us to raid between Xmas and New Year which allowed us 2 new kills. Varimarthas was painful, not a fan of onemistake=wipe type fights. Was a sigh of relief when this one was done:


Finally Coven was a multidotters wet dream.


Nice job everyone, thanks for pushing hard through these opening weeks and the progression rush. Agrammar on Sunday do it!

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