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Affliction Warlock

Frost Death Knight

Brewmaster Monk

Assassination Rogue

Havoc Demon Hunter

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View the latest post Famed Slayers of the Harbinger

As with Legion, the mid-tier raid proved to be amazing but also a guild killer. We persevered and triumphed in this raid, culminating in one of the hardest bosses WoW raiding has seen.



Our first Hall of Fame was not easy to get with only 9 hours a week on Uu'nat, but we pulled it out the last day possible. Here's to more in future tiers!

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View the latest post A Song of Ice and Fire

Lots of Ice and Fire in this raid. GOT SEASON 8 HYPE.

As is Spike Flail tradition we didn't do Screenshots on the first raid night, but we got a video of Harambe in his final moments:

Screenshots don't start till 3 bosses in, woops:


I sucked at Multi-Sided Strike week 1 please don't watch.


Escape Artist is a shit racial don't @ me.


Here we see a rare creature known as the Unholy DK wishing Details really reflected the damage he did.


Bwonsamdi 2020, make Zuldazar great again.


THIS LITTLE FELLA. Best fight ever.

Also we took more pulls to rekill this the 2nd time than kill it the first time. Shit.


Speed kill first kills are our jam.

INSERT 5 WEEKS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING. We were sweet summer children and we didn't know it.


Jaina was a slog that ended mercifully after 310 pulls. Please stop the beatings mommy.

Ended a respectable US#67 (fuck you guild transfers messing up wowprog after the fact, we're #67 and you can't take that away from us). Longbois next tier for sure.

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